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Welcome Jeanette!

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Welcome Jeanette!

The past years Sweden has seen many energy intensive investments like Facebook, Northvolt and Amazon AWS. With a continuously increasing interest, with companies such as Google and Microsoft buying land for future needs, Node Pole is now strengthening the organisation with Jeanette Åsberg as our Site Development Coordinator. With Jeanette Node Pole will be able to faster identify and develop new sites for our clients.

If you have a potential new site for the Node Pole portfolio (, please contact Jeanette Åsberg at +46 70 543 22 11 or

For more information please contact Magnus Wikman, Chief Commercial Manager,
at +46 70 389 60 08 or .


Press contacts

Christoffer Svanberg

Christoffer Svanberg

Press contact Chief Executive Officer +46 (0)70 620 88 70
Frida Nylén

Frida Nylén

Press contact Chief Marketing Officer +46 (0)70-202 32 83

Node Pole enables sustainable industrial establishments in Sweden

Node Pole is Sweden’s leading industrial advisor, providing dedicated support for investors within energy intensive industries such as datacenters and battery production. Known from successful establishments such as Microsoft and Northvolt in Sweden, Node Pole is owned by Vattenfall and Skellefteå Kraft. We make investments better!

The company is currently owned by Skellefteå Kraft and Vattenfall.

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