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The Knotted Gun sculpture designed by Patrizia Gucci
The Knotted Gun sculpture designed by Patrizia Gucci

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Gucci redesigns knotted gun to promote Non-Violence

ROME- Patrizia Gucci has crafted her own version of the internationally renowned symbol for the Non-Violence project foundation. As the only Gucci family member currently working in design today, she has redesigned the knotted gun created by artist Carl Fredrik Reutersward in 1980 which is on display outside the headquarters if the United Nations in New York City.

By DAISY RAICHURA, Italian Insider

The gun was then created as a memorial tribute to John Lennon after he was shot and killed in December 1980.

Patrizia Gucci is an abstract artist and designer who began work for the famous fashion house and shared her family’s name for twelve years until 1922.

Since then she has successfully produced her own fashion brand PATTI PATTI in Japan and over the more recent of years has become heavily involved in painting, making solo exhibitions everywhere from Vienna and Bahrain to Florence and Budapest.

Patrizia Gucci has designed this sculpture for Non-Violence project Foundation. The motive behind the art is to encourage, inspire and engage young people to understand how to solve conflicts without the need for violence.

The Non-Violence Project Foundation is a non-profit organization promoting peace and social change through education. Its Non-Violence Art Project is a new development to work with artists and promote the foundation’s cause. On buying their limited edition sculptures, part of the revenues goes to the Non-Violence Project and will contribute to the cause of social change and bringing peace to the world.

Patrizia Gucci decorated the wellness area of the Four Seasons Hotel’s Presidential Suite in Istanbul, with her designs of mosaics. Her version of the knotted gun reflects and mirrors parts of her homeland, Italy whilst weaving in contemporary fashion, such as the butterfly used by the fashion brand her great grandfather started in 1921.

“I love nature and took inspiration by Tuscany landscapes. The bird I designed on the sculpture, brings the branch of olive, symbol of Peace. The butterfly is a symbol of freedom. Flowers represent the nature. Everything is in a good balance and respect. In the nature we have peace and respect for each other” commented Patrizia Gucci.

The Patrizia Gucci sculpture is now available through the shop at Among the other ambassadors for the project are Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Muhammad Ali.

Published in Italian Insider, 25 May 2018



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We inspire, motivate and engage young people to learn how to solve conflicts peacefully through education.

The Non-Violence Project Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a mission to inspire, motivate and engage young people to learn how to solve conflicts peacefully. We have educated more than 8 million young people on five continents since the organisation was founded 1993 in Switzerland.

Our educational programs work towards prevention through subjects like respect for one another, self-esteem, tolerance, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, bullying, etc. It is designed for young people, ages 10-19, and combines academics with athletics in our programs Schools for Peace (10 lessons in 3 levels) and Sports for Peace (10 lessons in 3 levels) and the new Anti-bullying program.

Our education programs and outreach initiatives have won several awards for best practise. President Obama awarded NVP the ”President’s Call to Service Award” in 2011. Other awards include the Presidential Daily Light Award, received by President Bill Clinton, the Paul Harris Fellow Award given by Rotary International, the American National Safety Council Award for best practise and the Weed & Seed Award given by US Justice Department in 2009.

For more information about us and our educational programs, please visit and for contact please email .

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