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Anouk Tenten new CEO of Swiss-based Non-Violence Project Foundation (NVPF)

Press release -

Anouk Tenten new CEO of Swiss-based Non-Violence Project Foundation (NVPF)

Geneva, 14th September 2022 

The Non-Violence Project Foundation (NVPF) is thrilled to announce the nomination of Anouk Tenten as its new CEO. With a strong international profile and after more than 12 years of management experience in the field of education, Anouk Tenten holds great ambition for the Foundation, aiming to make NVP programs a standard for all organizations in their fight against violence.

Anouk Tenten has a strong expertise in the education sector built in the past years in many different organizations including companies such as Laureate Education Group, EF Education First and universities such as the Hospitality Business School EHL in Lausanne.

Holding a variety of operational and management positions, she worked on various product and project growth hacking challenges. In her last position, she was a Business leader for EHL’s start-up platform in Talent Acquisition and Learning. Dutch origin, but a chameleon by heart, Anouk traveled, studied, and worked across the globe. Her studies include a master’s degree in International Business Communication from the University of Nijmegen in the Netherlands and Stellenbosch South Africa, and a master's graduate certificate in Education Technology from UBC.

For 12 years I have worked for incredible brands and remarkable organizations in the field of education, and I am humbled and excited about this opportunity to put my time, skills, efforts, and 100% commitment to the Non-Violence Project Foundation. I am proud to have landed in, according to me, today’s most significant and promising brand”, states Anouk Tenten.

As a newly appointed CEO, Anouk Tenten has great ambition for the development of the organization:

I would like, with NVP teams and global support to build a significant educational enterprise on the solid founding work of the organization and the brand. NVP educational programs should be the standard for any school, university, and corporate environment, justifying their 0-tolerance policy against any form of violence. Our unique brand, the Knotted Gun symbol, will need a larger recognition and understanding throughout our (digital) campaigns, global educational rollout, partnerships, and support. Welcoming the unlimited opportunities, we need to create digital and non-digital consistency, collaboration, and communities.

Anouk has been living in Switzerland for 8 years. She loves nature and all types of outdoor, water and mountain sports.


Anouk Tenten, CEO –

Sophie Ryan, Communication Manager,


The Non-Violence Project Foundation is a nonprofit organization created in 1993 with the mission to inspire, motivate and engage people to prevent and reduce violence. Headquartered in Switzerland. The Foundation is focused on educational programs and awareness campaigns to promote social change. Over 9 million people on 6 continents have attended NVP educational programs since 1993. For more information, please visit

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The Non-Violence Project Foundation (NVPF) is pleased to announce the strengthening of its collaboration with Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) on sexual harassment prevention. Since fall 2019, over 1400 first year EHL students were trained as part of the institution’s Sexual Harassment Prevention (SHP) Initiative. In 2021, around 1200 students will attend the training as well as 500 EHL staff.

Anouk Tenten, nouvelle CEO de la Fondation Non-Violence Project basée à Genève

Anouk Tenten, nouvelle CEO de la Fondation Non-Violence Project basée à Genève

Genève, le 14 septembre 2022
La Fondation Non-Violence Project (NVPF) est ravie d’annoncer la nomination d’Anouk Tenten en tant que nouvelle CEO. Avec un profil international et avec plus de 12 ans d’expérience dans le secteur de l’éducation, Anouk Tenten a une grande ambition pour la Fondation, visant à faire des programmes NVP un standard d'excellence pour toutes les organisations dans leur p

We inspire, motivate and engage people to learn how to solve conflicts peacefully through raising awareness and education.

The Non-Violence Project Foundation empowers people with creative tools and skills to cultivate awareness and understanding of non-violence, enabling them to overcome violence, leading to a virtuous cycle of positive impact. We believe that knowledge is power, and that creativity can help unlock the full potential of this power through skill-based learning and learning tools that are more engaging, impactful, and relevant to the needs of today and tomorrow.

We have educated more than 9 million people on five continents since the organisation was founded in 1993 in Switzerland. Our education programs and outreach initiatives have won several awards for best practise. President Obama awarded NVP the ”President’s Call to Service Award” in 2011. Other awards include the Presidential Daily Light Award, received by President Bill Clinton, the Paul Harris Fellow Award given by Rotary International, the American National Safety Council Award for best practise and the Weed & Seed Award given by US Justice Department in 2009.

It is thanks to our 30-year legacy, symbol of the Knotted Gun, innovative methods, and a growing community of change advocates like you that we can shape a more peaceful and non-violent world.

We are a non-profit based in Geneva, Switzerland, but operating globally, which means you can join us wherever you are.

For more information about us and our initiatives please visit or contact us at

The Non-Violence Project Foundation

Avenue Louis Casaï 18
1209 Geneva