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Non-Violence Project Joins Forces with Bambuser to Reach New Audiences

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Non-Violence Project Joins Forces with Bambuser to Reach New Audiences

Bambuser, the award-winning video commerce leader, today announced a partnership with Non-Violence Licensing, implementing the company’s video commerce platform to raise awareness of the movement’s global work and provide new avenues for online engagement.

Non-Violence Licensing is a social enterprise dedicated to preventing and reducing violence in all its forms. Through the power of the symbol and its message, Non-Violence Licensing works to spread awareness and provide financial support for the Non-Violence Project Foundation’s global initiatives and educational programs. The Knotted Gun, its iconic symbol for peace, was created by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd after his friend John Lennon was shot in 1980.

Through the partnership with Bambuser, Non-Violence Licensing will incorporate live video commerce experiences in its online sales platform and strategy of The Knotted Gun sculptures and other products, where part of every sold item provides financial support to the foundation’s educational work globally. The art collection consists of both bronze and humanium sculptures, made of melted weapons, as well as limited painted sculptures in the design of ambassadors, including Sir Ringo Starr, Patrizia Gucci, Lundqvist brothers, Muhammad Ali, Acne and Sir Paul McCartney.

Video commerce provides Non-Violence Licensing with new avenues to bring customers to the Non-Violence shop, reach influencers to help spread awareness of their mission, and invite other brands to join the cause through licensing, collaborations, and partnerships. The movement aims to reach new partners, retailers, and clients across the United States and Europe in a variety of markets including fashion, interior design, art, consumer goods, and more. Bambuser’s platform will also be explored for donation, education, and fundraising purposes, to engage young people in shaping a more peaceful next generation in real time.

“We chose to work with Bambuser because they are innovative and passionate about what they do, and they have one of the widest and most interesting networks we have come across.” said Ebba Idsäter, CEO at Non-Violence Licensing. “We’ve always had a strong vision of embedding storytelling in our e-commerce strategy and Bambuser was an ideal fit to meet our audience where they are. Violence is increasing in all forms, and we’re constantly looking to offer new ways to support our foundation’s work inspiring, motivating, and engaging young people around the world to solve conflicts peacefully.”

“We are privileged to work with good people and help them make a real impact in society,” said Maryam Ghahremani, CEO at Bambuser. “I’m honored to partner with such a dedicated group and use our platform to not only further their mission, but help encourage other players in e-commerce to join the movement against violence.”

To learn more and help support the Non-Violence Project visit:

About Bambuser

Bambuser is the world’s leading video commerce company with the largest customer base in its industry. Over 350 brands from 40+ countries leverage Bambuser’s solutions to drive customer engagement and sales. Bambuser is a global company with headquarters in Stockholm and offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Tokyo and Turku. Bambuser's growing team speaks more than 30 languages and 62% of senior management is female. Founded in 2007 as a livestreaming pioneer, Bambuser now offers the number #1 video commerce platform in the world, helping brands reshape their e-commerce strategies through the power of shoppable video.
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About The Non-Violence Project
The Non-Violence Project is a movement with the mission to inspire, motivate and engage people to prevent and reduce violence. Through its powerful peace symbol, The Knotted Gun, Non-Violence Licensing works with art, partnerships and licensing collaborations to support the Foundation's global educational work of promoting social change. Since 1993, more than 9 million people on 5 continents have attended Non-Violence’s educational programs in peaceful conflict management. For more information, please visit

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We inspire, motivate and engage people to learn how to solve conflicts peacefully through raising awareness and education.

The Non-Violence Project Foundation empowers people with creative tools and skills to cultivate awareness and understanding of non-violence, enabling them to overcome violence, leading to a virtuous cycle of positive impact. We believe that knowledge is power, and that creativity can help unlock the full potential of this power through skill-based learning and learning tools that are more engaging, impactful, and relevant to the needs of today and tomorrow.

We have educated more than 9 million people on five continents since the organisation was founded in 1993 in Switzerland. Our education programs and outreach initiatives have won several awards for best practise. President Obama awarded NVP the ”President’s Call to Service Award” in 2011. Other awards include the Presidential Daily Light Award, received by President Bill Clinton, the Paul Harris Fellow Award given by Rotary International, the American National Safety Council Award for best practise and the Weed & Seed Award given by US Justice Department in 2009.

It is thanks to our 30-year legacy, symbol of the Knotted Gun, innovative methods, and a growing community of change advocates like you that we can shape a more peaceful and non-violent world.

We are a non-profit based in Geneva, Switzerland, but operating globally, which means you can join us wherever you are.

For more information about us and our initiatives please visit or contact us at

The Non-Violence Project Foundation
Avenue Louis Casaï 18
1209 Geneva