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Remarkable results reveal that Norwegian Red (NR) X Holstein crossbred cows surpass pure Holsteins in various key performance indicators. Photo: Genus ABS

Crossbred Norwegian Red X Holstein Cows Outperform Pure Holsteins in Comprehensive Study

In a groundbreaking study conducted by Geno at a large US dairy farm with over 15 years of experience in milking crossbred cows, remarkable results reveal that Norwegian Red (NR) X Holstein crossbred cows surpass pure Holsteins in various key performance indicators.
The study, utilizing raw data collected through Dairy Comp and analyzed using SAS (Statistical Analysis System) statistical softwa

Vestre-P daughters will have excellent fat and protein yields as well as high fat and protein percentages. Photo: Turi Nordengen

The December 2023 Proof Run unveils attractive selection of Norwegian Red sires

The December 2023 genetic evaluations for Norwegian Red (NR) are now published. These December genetic evaluations are based on the same models used in other recent genetic evaluations as no important changes were made to the NR genetic evaluation models since April 2023. However, NR genotypes are being added at a rapid pace so many more genotypes are included in the genetic evaluation run compa

12228 NR Finsland-P is a new high production bull with outstanding udder health and excellent conformation traits. Photo: Jan Arve Kristiansen

December proof run 2022 results for Norwegian Red, showing the stability of Geno’s EBV’s

Newly updated Norwegian Red genetic evaluations for December 2022 are now available. Genomic BV for NR sires has proven to have outstanding reliability as BV for NR GS sires has been an excellent predictor of future daughter-based BV. Most breeding values (BV) for recently and currently exported sires changed very little since the August proof run, showing the stability of Geno’s EBV’s.


Els Olsen

Els Olsen

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Norwegian Red dairy cattle breeding organisation

Norwegian Red is the main dairy cattle breed in Norway, developed by Geno SA. Geno SA is a farmer-owned cooperative that has been breeding Norwegian Red dairy cattle since 1935. Geno sells over 1 million doses of semen from elite Norwegian Red bulls each year and distributes genetic material to more than 30 countries worldwide. Geno's vision: Breeding for better lives. Geno's head office is in Hamar, Norway.

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