Outstanding lineup of Norwegian Red sires available after the August 2020 proof run

Press releases   •   Aug 10, 2020 08:25 UTC

Norwegian Red sires can be successfully used in almost all herd management systems and in the varied environmental conditions typically seen in modern dairy herds. In general, all NR sires will significantly improve health, fertility, calf survival and reduce body weight (resulting in lower feed consumption) when mated to Holstein cows.

​Coronavirus focuses attention on importance of high health status and low reliance on antibiotics in cattle

Press releases   •   Apr 15, 2020 13:08 UTC

Top available Norwegian Red sires – April 2020 proof run

Press releases   •   Apr 07, 2020 19:08 UTC

​Official Norwegian Red (NR) genetic evaluations for April 2020 are now available from Geno. Geno now has 37 genomic selected (GS) sires that are alive and currently available to international markets with Total Merit Index (TMI) of 25 or higher.

High tech udder scanner adds more precise data to Geno breeding programme

Press releases   •   Mar 05, 2020 08:20 UTC

Norwegian cattle breeding organization Geno is trialing new scanning technology as part of a research project that will enable it to collect more comprehensive and precise data on udder traits. This will be used in its breeding programs and accelerate the progress made in improving functionality, health and welfare traits within Norwegian Red cattle.

New Managing Director of Geno SA, Norwegian Red breeding organization

Press releases   •   Mar 02, 2020 08:11 UTC

Kristin Malonæs will assume the position of Managing Director of Geno SA, the Norwegian Red breeding organization, from March 1st, 2020.

Norwegian Red breeding organization, Geno, introduces electric cars for its AI technician team

Press releases   •   Nov 20, 2019 07:42 UTC

Norway’s cattle breeding organization, Geno, has introduced electric cars into its AI technician fleet. This pilot project was launched in May as part of the company’s green strategy that is being extended throughout its cattle breeding operations and with a view to bringing benefits to the Norwegian Red breed in the domestic and international marketplace.

Norwegian Red breeding organisation appoints new Chief Operating Officer International

Press releases   •   Nov 12, 2019 21:08 UTC

Kate Stai has been appointed Chief Operating Officer (COO), International at Geno, where she previously held the position of Communications and Marketing Manager. Geno is the breeding organization of Norwegian Red, the main dairy cattle breed in Norway.

Norwegian Red breeding organization CEO Sverre Bjørnstad to step down

Press releases   •   Sep 03, 2019 06:11 UTC

Geno SA, the Norwegian Red breeding organization based in Norway, announces that Sverre Bjørnstad, Chief Executive Officer, will be stepping down from his position from January 2020. Sverre will be taking the position of Director – Inland at Innovation Norway and has committed to remain with Geno and continue his role until the end of the year.

Outstanding new genomic Norwegian Red sires

Press releases   •   Aug 13, 2019 08:20 UTC

Official Norwegian Red (NR) genetic evaluations for August 2019 are now available from Geno, and exciting new bulls are now available to international markets. Many genomic selected sires (GS) are available in conventional and REDX semen.

“I use 1.1 less straws when inseminating my Norwegian Red crossbreds”

News   •   Jun 24, 2019 08:46 UTC

After becoming increasingly concerned about the level of inbreeding in the Holstein breed, and seeing his herd become less resistant to stress and increasing instances of disease, Matteo Vitali, a dairy farmer in Italy, started using Norwegian Red genetics on his herd.

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Kate is fluent in English and is Geno's international contact for all activity outside of Norway.

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Norwegian Red dairy cattle breeding organisation

Norwegian Red is the main dairy cattle breed in Norway, developed by Geno SA. Geno SA is a farmer-owned cooperative that has been breeding Norwegian Red dairy cattle since 1935. Geno sells over 1 million doses of semen from elite Norwegian Red bulls each year and distributes genetic material to more than 30 countries worldwide. Geno's vision: Breeding for better lives. Geno's head office is in Hamar, Norway.


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