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Fossil Vintage 54 Chronograph Quartz Fs5294 Men's Watch| A Sign Of How Aviation Used To Be

Fossil Vintage 54 Chronograph Quartz FS5294 Men's WatchThe philosophy behind:

Military watches inspire two things – longing and passion. The deep histories and brutal conflicts this class of little machines have usually undergone and endured since decades trigger some very strong emotions, making them either own one (or many) or just put in an incredible amount of human ingenuity to create a further durable and reliable tool. In both the cases, it’s the love for military instruments that rule the roost.

At a glance:

The Fossil Vintage 54 Chronograph Quartz FS5294 Men's Watch can undoubtedly be said a modern upgrade to a timeless and vintage style. The Fossil Vintage 54 Chronograph Quartz FS5294 Men's Watch showcases every core value of the brand through modern styling shaped in classic materials. A minimalistic aesthetic given form through plating and leather, the Fossil Vintage 54 is a fine balance between classic auras around a modern styling. The classic black dial with simple Arabic numerals and luminous hands provide for maximum legibility under tough viewing conditions while the braided, smooth leather strap adds a ‘70s wild feel to the mix. The chronograph can keep count for 30 minutes with one-second increments while the sub-dial at 2’o clock tells time in a 24-hour format.

Why buy the 54?

• Way more accurate.
• Way more inexpensive.
• Way more comfortable on maintenance grounds.
• Far sturdier than vintage mechanical chronographs.

The inspirations

The Fossil Vintage 54 Chronograph Quartz FS5294 Men's Watch gets its cues from the classic 1940s observation watches that found immense popularity among pilots. However, Fossil; decided to add some zing into an otherwise serious thing, making the Vintage 54 Chronograph Quartz FS5294 sportier and also more stylish than their ancestors.

Observation watches- The story

This is absolutely important if you want to get the feel of the Vintage ’54 the way you are supposed to. The observation watches were essential to pilots as a means of navigation that worked with other cockpit instruments (compass and altimeter). It was an age where visual navigation was the only way to go; therefore, to follow pre-determined route and turning points, each of the watches belonging to the pilots of a flying squadron were set to zero for a proper synching, only to be started again at the captain’s command. Precision was the name of the game, which the Fossil Mens Watch has tenfold compared to its predecessor. The chronograph functionality made it even clear at what time to turn into which direction; whether to plunge or rise, as charted out in the route maps.

Additional features

Not every person who’ll buy the Fossil Vintage Chronograph Quartz FS5294 Men's Watch is expected to be in touch with aviation; it could be just another cool guy who wants a cool-looking chronograph to wear by the poolside after changing into a rubber/silicone strap. So, a depth rating of 10 ATM (100m or 330 feet) has been assigned to it. Swimming aside, you can take it to snorkeling and even scuba diving, provided you do not go beyond 300 feet for half an hour the most!


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