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Obton enters the Dutch PV-market

After extended analysis of the market, we are proud to announce that Obton has invested in a solar park of 14 MWp in the northeastern parts of the Netherlands. It is the first time Obton enters the Dutch market for solar power, and with this investment Obton manages one of the largest solar projects in the Netherlands.

The project represents a total investment of EUR 12 M and the construction of the park has just started. The park is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2017, after which it is connected to the public electricity network. Obtons Chief Project Officer, Bent Hansen, is thrilled about the project: "I have followed the Dutch market for some years. There are a lot of exciting things going on down there at the moment. Obton is putting a lot of effort into the Dutch market. I believe that we are in a great position to add more exciting Dutch solar projects the next few years".


Obton has opened a Dutch office, where dr. ir. Ruud Dekkers is assisting Obton in the procurement and development of solar PV-projects in the Netherlands. Ruud has about twenty years of experience from the Dutch energy and investment sector, and Obton looks forward to having his local knowledge and experience associated with both current and future Dutch solar projects.


- In 2015 there were a total installed solar power equivalent to 1,405 MWp in the Netherlands

- The country has an ambition to reach 4 GWp in 2020

- In 2014, the Netherlands was the first country in the world with a bike path made of solar panels


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