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Optimizer Invest's new startup – aims to become the largest player in online lottery

With, Optimizer Invest will create the world's largest online lottery brand.

Optimizer Invest has secured the top-level domain The site will offer consumers to play on over 30 lotteries, including the absolute largest in the world, no matter where they are located geographically.

The goal is to build the world's largest brand within online lottery games. Optimizer Invest is currently in the process of forming a new organization that will drive up the company to become a new group, based in Malta.

Petter Moldenius, CEO of Optimizer Invest, comments:

“We have a background within primarily igaming and lead generation. Lottery is actually the only vertical in the field that we hadn’t entered into yet. Now it was time. We will create a world-class interactive user experience for consumers online. We will reach a whole new target group and can capitalize on doing everything digitally and automated. MegaLotto as a brand will create echo within the gaming industry.”

MegaLotto will be built on Gaming Innovation Group's (GiG’s) platform, a collaboration that made sense from the start. Both companies are driven by creating a user experience that is entertaining, innovative and responsible.

“Optimizer Invest creates business in two ways. We invest in tech-driven companies that we believe in. The second part is to create companies based on our own business ideas. MegaLotto is an example of the latter. We see great opportunities to once again be driving up a company under our own umbrella, as we have done before with e.g. Betit Group,” concludes Moldenius.

The launch of MegaLotto takes place during 2019.

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About Optimizer Invest

Optimizer Invest is a fully founder funded venture capital company based in Malta, founded by Norwegian Andre Lavold and Swedes Henrik Persson Ekdahl and Mikael Riese Harstad. The company helps early-stage businesses and entrepreneurs to develop and to reach their full potential with profitable growth. The founders and the Optimizer team have a successful background in iGaming, e-commerce and digital lead generation. They primarily invest in consumer-oriented and online businesses. Since the start in 2012, Optimizer Invest has invested in twenty-something companies. Optimizer Invest has also launched a foundation that targets impact investing – Optimizer Foundation.

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