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Danish designer furniture aboard the world’s first all-electric ferry

Press release   •   Oct 07, 2019 07:32 UTC

Passengers aboard the world’s first 100% electrically powered and CO2-neutral ferry can enjoy a crossing that represents a new era in ferry services in every respect. It boasts sustainable designer furniture, no smoke from the funnel and no engine noise.

The electric ferry, named Ellen, has just completed its first month out on the water, with daily departures between the islands south of Hans Christian Andersen’s native island of Funen in Denmark. In other words, Ellen is the new kid on the block and in many ways is quite unique. She is, in fact, the first in the world to run solely on battery power. At just under 60 metres in length and a cost of DKK 224 million, this ferry traffics Danish waters powered by a 50-ton battery system.

However, the engine room is not the only example of energy-efficient and modern solutions on board. Ellen’s fixtures and fittings have been carefully selected to live up to the aims of creating a ferry that is smart, functional and future-proof.

Danish design company out-sider, which specialises in urban outdoor furniture, has provided one of its classics for the deck area: Plateau.

Passengers can enjoy the fresh air and views from the deck of the Ellen while sitting comfortably on their Plateau furniture, a combined table and bench seating. And this furniture from out-sider is sustainable in more than one sense.

“The furniture needed to be sustainable, innovative and in keeping with the overall concept for Ellen, and we had really positive discussions with the shipyard about providing an optimum environment for passengers. All in all, Ellen is characterised by a creative design approach, and that fits perfectly with the pioneering spirit that the ferry represents,” says Ib Mogensen, who is the managing director of out-sider.

Scandinavian design and “hygge” out on the water

The design boasts a graphic impression firmly rooted in Scandinavian design tradition. At the same time the shape and size of Plateau provides numerous seats in a sociable formation, encouraging passengers to do what Danes do best – that is, socialising and having fun together.

The Plateau bench set is made from high-pressure laminate, which is thin paper sheets compressed and hardened with resin. It’s a product that is virtually maintenance-free, and will stand up to life at sea with its sea fog and salt.

“It was essential for us that the sustainability element was also reflected in the fixtures and fittings, and so out-sider’s furniture was an obvious choice. Here we have a solution that is hard-wearing and UV-resistant, yet simple and elegant in its style, which is a great fit with the overall concept for the ferry,” says Keld M. Møller, ferry director for the service.

The company 'out-sider' was established in 2007 as a challenge to the traditional urban furniture market in Scandinavia. out-sider is headed by Ib Mogensen, majority shareholder, managing director and the creative brain behind the company. 

The goal of out-sider was to invent new design icons for the outdoor space, and after only a few years of existence, we succeeded in delivering on promise with the LOOP family. 'Rethink Urban Space' is our mission statement, and we aim to excite and challenge with new and surprising urban equipment – we dare and we can.

Today out-sider has an international profile, based in Denmark with distributors worldwide.

We have courage and passion – sky is the limit.