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OXE Diesel distributor Bukh Bremen GmbH displaces the OXE Diesel at the new "Hamburg Boat Show"
OXE Diesel distributor Bukh Bremen GmbH displaces the OXE Diesel at the new "Hamburg Boat Show"

Hamburg Boat Show

Event date 23 October 2019 08:00 – 27 October 2019 16:00

Location Exhibition center in Hamburg

OXE Diesel distributor Bukh Bremen GmbH ( displaces the OXE Diesel at the new "Hamburg Boat Show". 

The new boat fair will be held at the exhibition center in Hamburg.

"Full speed ahead" is the motto for the premiere of the new boat show.

"We have become active at the express request of the industry. In order to establish the fair for the boat driver in the north, the German Boat and Shipbuilders Association (DBSV), Messe Friedrichshafen and the Hamburg Messe and Congress HMC start as a working group with a North-South alliance, combining experience and synergy effects. " said DBSV President Torsten Conradi.

Nearly 300 companies have already expressed their interest in the Hamburg Boat Show and want to present themselves at the new boat show.

We strongly recommend a visit to Hamburg Boat show.


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Pim Polesie

Pim Polesie

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