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Lloydshare Limited Inc. Explains Their Flagship Product: The Lloydshare Annuity

The global financial company Lloydshare Limited Incorporated is the world leader in deferred annuities linked to vacation club memberships, with thousands of members enrolled in its program. Designed to repay the full cost of vacation ownership, the Lloydshare Deferred Annuity gives its policy-holders up to 25 years of, effectively, free vacationing in luxury 5 star surroundings !  For a one-time payment of a mere 5.75% of the purchase price, Lloydshare Claimants receive a final payout equal to the full purchase price of their vacation club membership , plus any supplementary upgrades purchased and covered with the Lloydshare Annuity.  This means that even things like airfares can be covered and effectively reclaimed at the end of the term!

Lloydshare protects its
investors' funds from market fluctuation through expert management within a diverse investment portfolio. All Lloydshare deposits are secured by Lloyd's TSB, a world class financial institution with a banking history going back to 1765. Lloydshare funds are deposited in offshore accounts in the Isle of Guernsey, which nonetheless benefit from the automatic 90% guaranteed safeguard afforded by British Isle banking laws. In addition to insuring the Lloydshare deposits, the Isle of Guernsey protects the individual investors' privacy, much like a Swiss bank account does.

As a world leader in the field of fractional real-estate ownership as well as deferred annuities linked to Vacation Ownership, Lloydshare maintains a close scrutiny of preferred Vacation properties worldwide.  Working in conjuction with resort managers, the company has provided an annuity package which is currently the best on the market, supplying 36 resorts in 8 different countries around the world.

The global vacation industry is slowly recovering from the economic down-turn, but Lloydshare is harnessing the business opportunities it has provided to emphasize the rock-solid nature of its investment opportunity for policy-holders.   Thousands of vacationers have been able, even in these uncertain financial times, to enjoy their club memberships in the knowledge that their costs will all be repaid in due time.

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