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A great dental unit is unnoticeable in a good way

Chief Dentist Johanna Rouhiainen from the Hammas Mehiläinen Forum dental clinic in Helsinki, Finland, thinks that Planmeca’s dental units were the best in the market already 25 years ago when she first started working with them. Once you get used to a good thing, you’ll never want to go back.

Mehiläinen is one of the leading providers of private medical care in Finland, and Dentist Johanna Rouhiainen has worked for the chain’s various medical centres since 1994. Three years ago, she was promoted Chief Dentist at the company’s dental clinic located in the Forum shopping centre in downtown Helsinki.

”I have always enjoyed working in medical centres. It’s a really inspiring workplace, as you get to know so many people from different fields, such as doctors of different specialties and the staff in occupational health care. All the services starting from lab services are located under one roof, and equipment maintenance and other back office functions work impeccably. You can always trust that things get done,” Rouhiainen says.

All the dental units at the Hammas Mehiläinen dental clinic are Planmeca’s – both Planmeca Compact™ i and Planmeca Sovereign® Classic dental units are in use. The same goes to imaging devices, which are of course used side by side with the Planmeca Romexis® software. All the necessary consumables are ordered using Plandent’s PlanOrder™ material management service.”PlanOrder has hugely facilitated the ordering hassle our nurses previously had to go through. Thanks to the system, we have been able to say goodbye to writing down orders in a notebook and all the unclarities related to that.”

When it comes to dental units, Rouhiainen says that using a Planmeca dental unit is like driving a car. ”Once you learn how to use one, you know how to use all of them. I really like working with them.”

The patients have enjoyed them, too: “They really like the upholstery and often comment on what a wonderful chair it is. Personally, I also like the motorised headrest a lot.”

Rouhiainen also praises the dental unit’s foot control, which she uses daily. ”The nurse often doesn’t even get to turn off water or air from the touch panel, because I have already done that with my foot. It’s also easy to adjust the speed of the micromotor from the foot control when moving from one procedure to the next.”

The dental unit’s Full HD display is also a valuable asset for the dental team. ”It’s really mandatory, I simply couldn’t work without it. During treatment, you are able to see the patient’s X-ray images on the display and you don’t need to check them from another one. We also use it to show the images to our patients.”

Rouhiainen continues that Planmeca’s dental units are well adapted to all dental procedures. According to her, you can really tell that the designers have understood the kind of work a dental team does.

The most important thing, however, is their reliability and ease of use. ”When you work with a great dental unit, you don’t even need to pay attention to it as it lets you concentrate on your work. Unnoticeable in a good way – that’s what Planmeca’s dental units are.”

Text: Hanna Korlin
Image: Kaisu Ilomäki


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