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Set the highest standards with the lowest doses

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Set the highest standards with the lowest doses

Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ is the world’s leading method for acquiring CBCT images at low effective patient doses without a statistical reduction in image quality. It allows clinicians to gather more information than from standard 2D panoramic images at an equivalent or even lower patient dose.

Cone beam computed tomography – CBCT – has been one of the most essential technological innovations in dentistry over the past two decades. The imaging technique is used to capture high quality 3D images of the oral and maxillofacial region, revealing intricate information on soft tissues, teeth, nerves, and bone in a single scan.

Three-dimensional CBCT images provide clinicians with vastly more information than traditional two-dimensional panoramic images. This enables more precise treatments to take place and consequently improves the overall level of care.

Proven low dose imaging

While standard patient doses have been lowered significantly over the years, the pioneering Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ imaging protocol further allows lowering effective patient doses. It can be used with all voxel sizes and in all imaging modes to capture 3D images at a significantly lower dose than standard imaging. All this can be done without a statistical reduction in image quality.

The Planmeca Ultra Low Dose imaging protocol’s effectiveness has been confirmed in a scientific study led by the renowned radiologist Dr. John Barrett Ludlow. The study’s conclusion states as follows:

“An average reduction in dose of 77% was achieved using ULD protocols when compared with standard protocols. While this dose reduction was significant, no statistical reduction in image quality between ULD and standard protocols was seen. This would suggest that patient doses can be reduced without loss of diagnostic quality.” (Ludlow, John Barrett and Koivisto, Juha: Dosimetry of Orthodontic Diagnostic FOVs Using Low Dose CBCT protocol)

Knowledge is power

Attentive clinicians can see differences in image quality for themselves, but they still need to rely on others to tell them what the effective patient dose is. Not all manufacturers can reliably provide users with such information.

Planmeca can give prospective and existing customers clear information on the effective patient doses of its CBCT units. The Planmeca Ultra Low Dose protocol allows our units to achieve doses so low that some of our competitors do not want to believe it.

When shopping for a CBCT unit, be sure to exercise your right to receive all necessary information on the product. Always ask for accurate info on patient doses and compare the difference in image quality between standard and low dose images.

Contact your local Planmeca distributor to find out how you can benefit from our Ultra Low Dose imaging protocol!



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