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Margaret M. Towle and Michael Roux appointed to the board of directors of Plantagon International

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, November 7, 2016 –– Heavy weight finance experts join forces with movement for inclusive business. Senior Finance Advisors Margaret M. Towle and Michael Roux have been appointed for the Board of Directors of world leading innovation company Plantagon International Association.

Plantagon is well-known for its innovations addressing global food security and is internationally recognized and awarded for its vertical greenhouse aimed at large scale urban agriculture. Another innovation by Plantagon, starting to attract attention, is the new organizational model “The Companization” aimed at changing the way we think about inclusive business.

”Global business has become the most influential institution in society but the corporate structure and its legislation are not prepared for this role yet. There is obviously a need to create companies going beyond profit as the main reason to exist, and certainly also going beyond even the sustainability imperative. We are therefore extremely delighted that two internationally acclaimed finance experts, such as Margaret Towle and Michael Roux, are joining our work,” says Hans Hassle, Secretary-General of Plantagon International Association.

”This is an innovative and forward-looking organization with a great governance structure. I strongly believe that a value change towards economic farsightedness is needed for the future.” says Margaret Towle, who has over 30 years experience in the finance industry as an asset manager and advisor.

”I am pleased to take on this assignment as member of the Board. I find the Companization a more inclusive governance model compared to other similar models. Plantagon goes an extra step and focuses on governance and leadership quality as much as economical, social and environmental performance" says Michael Roux, Advisor and Ambassador with the World Economic Forum over two decades.

The Board of Directors of Plantagon International Association is headed by Plantagon’s co-founder Professor Oren R Lyons, while co-founder Mr. Hans Hassle is the Secretary-General of the organization.

“We are challenging the shortsightedness of the present system, and are creating a community sharing necessary risk in innovations for a sustainable future – far beyond policy making. To bring expertise like Margaret Towle and Michael Roux on-board means that experienced finance experts also see this need for a value change for survival, and want to be an active part of the change”, says Professor Oren R. Lyons, Chairman of Plantagon International Association.


For more information please contact Carin Balfe Arbman, PR Manager, Plantagon International, +46 (0)70-633 35 08



Margaret M. Towle, Margaret has over 30 years experience in the finance industry as an asset manager and advisor, including her role as executive vice president and CIO at Northern Trust Global Advisors. Margaret was nominated and recognized as “Top 50 Women in Wealth Management” and is the recipient of IMCA’s Stephen L. Kessler Writing Award. She is a founding board member of the Center for Women and Democracy at the University of Washington, and an angel investor in 100 Women in Hedge Funds. Margaret earned BA, MA, and PhD degrees, with emphasis in political economy and public finance, from the University of Washington-Seattle.

Michael Roux has had a leading role in both government and business circles in Australia and internationally for more than 40 years. He was responsible for reform of major government entities in the late 80’s and early 90’s and was responsible for managing the Victorian Government’s corporatization and privatization program in the early to mid 90’s. Michael Roux was previously Director and Chairman, KPMG Asian Markets; Vice-Chairman, Citigroup; Director, Deutsche Bank Australia; Director, Office of Trade and Investment and Director-General, Ministry of Employment and training. He is Founder, ADC Forum (Australian Davos Connection); Advisor and Ambassador with the World Economic Forum over 2 decades and Member, Yale Center for Environmental Law & Policy.


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The Companization
Hans Hassle, Secretary-General of Plantagon has developed an alternative governance model that assumes the effectiveness of the company but strives for a balance between economic forces and social responsibility. The groundbreaking organizational model “The Companization” is a model for third generation CSR work going further than present policy making and existing organizational models, like for example the B-Corporation.

Plantagon International AB
Plantagon International AB is an innovation company founded in 2008 by the Swedish consultancy firm Swecorp and the indigenous Onondaga Nation to demonstrate that it was possible for a company to provide sustainable solutions to global challenges. Plantagon is based on the ”the Companization” and the primary focus from start was on global food security. The internationally recognized and awarded vertical greenhouse for large-scale urban agriculture is the first innovation developed and commercialized by Plantagon. Plantagon International will continue to develop new innovations within globally critical areas like food, energy and water, as well as focusing on social innovation, governance and environment.

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Plantagon International is a world-leading pioneer within the field food security and CSR – combining urban agriculture, innovative technical solutions and architecture – to meet the demand for efficient food production within cities; adding a more democratic and inclusive governance model.

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