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45 projects that aim to create a healthier music climate

To take action and contribute to a healthier music climate, the digital music distributor Record Union is donating $30,000 to enable projects that aim to prevent or treat mental illness among music makers. Between the 7th of May and the 2nd of June, more than 200 projects have been submitted through the initiative The 73 Percent. Today, 45 of them have been published on for artists and other interested parties to vote on. The ten projects with the most votes will meet an expert panel and have the chance to be awarded with the donation.

- The 73 Percent has been received with great interest from music makers all over the world as well as the industry. We’ve been collecting more than 200 projects over the last weeks. 45 of them have met the pre-defined criterias and are now presented on Many artists have also contacted us with music projects about mental health, which confirms the need to talk about this important topic, says Johan Svanberg, CEO of Record Union.

45 projects have been presented on and now a voting phase begins. Artists and other interested parties will be able to vote on the projects that they believe will have the biggest impact on the music climate and therefore should receive the donation. The last day to vote is the 16th of June.

The ten projects with the most votes will go to a final round and meet a panel of experts* who will select 1-5 final projects to be awarded with the donation. Their final decision will be presented in the beginning of July.

*The expert panel consists of: 
Natalie Shamoun - Independent Artist, New York
Joe Barnby - Mental Health Professional, London
Aleksandra Avli - Founder and CEO of HON (Her Online Network)
Johan Wahlbäck - Founder and CEO of Defunc
Helena Aru - PR & Communications Manager of Record Union
Johan Svanberg - CEO of Record Union

Read more about each member of the expert panel on

About The 73 Percent
On the 7th of May, Record Union launched the initiative The 73 Percent, based on a survey investigating mental health and wellbeing among almost 1 500 independent music makers. The purpose with the initiative is to identify projects that a) aim to prevent or treat mental illness among music makers b) affects many music makers and c) could affect the overall music climate in the industry in a long-term perspective. The projects must also have a clear connection to the music industry and mental health and wellbeing. The projects that are believed to have the biggest impact on the music climate will be awarded with and take part of the donation of $30,000.

Read more about the initiative here.

Read more about The 73 Percent Report here.

Find informercial video and press images here


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