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GirlieCamps continues to set the trends with surf camps for girls only

GirlieCamps arrange a surfing experience for girls in Fuerteventura, Spain, between June 10th and 20th 2010.

Fuerteventura is one of the best surfing spots in Europe and it is often called Hawaii of Europe.

It is a surf camp for girls who dream about beaches with white sand, crystal-clear water, surfing, relaxing on the beach, yoga and especially meeting new friends from all over the world.

GirlieCamps organize surf, skate and snow camps for girls around Europe. We continue to arrange our successful Surf Camps in Fuerteventura.

GirlieCamps was founded in 2002 by Marika Borg in order to give girls the possibility to meet and ride with other girls, who share the same passion for surfing, skating, skiing, and snowboarding and for having fun together. Over the years more than 5000 girls from the entire world have been riding with GirlieCamps.  Participants at the camps improve their riding skills and are inspired by GirlieCamps’ pro-riders. At the same time girls get the opportunity to socialize and to make friends for the whole life.

”My biggest whish is that girls have fun and they develop their skills”, says Marika Borg, founder of GirlieCamps

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 + 46 760 92 43 04


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