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ChillBox Portable AC Reviews - Is ChillBox Air Cooler Worth The Money?

Published via 11Press: ChillBox is a portable air cooler that’s a useful and cost effective alternative to an air conditioner. ChillBox Portable AC claims to keep you cool, helping you survive (even enjoy) the summers in a budget-friendly manner considering a single unit is priced at a budget-friendly price and doesn’t cost at all in installation and maintenance costs.

Not to mention, you don’t have to panic each time your monthly electricity bills come in as ChillBox Portable AC doesn’t rely on energy consumption to cool you. ChillBox air cooler is portable, comes with noise-free technology, and is environmentally friendly, to boot.

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Has the summer heat been driving you crazy? Chances are, you’ve been trying everything under the sun to cool off – you’ve been keeping yourself hydrated, you bathe daily, you even keep the sun out as much as you can. But there’s nothing that beats the cooling effect that an air conditioner leaves on you, isn’t it?

The problem, however, is that not everyone can afford to pay the high costs of buying and running an air conditioner. Not to mention, there are separate installation and maintenance costs. Even if you already have an AC, you simply can’t keep up with the rising electric bills. The solution? Try ChillBox Portable AC.

ChillBox Reviews

ChillBox Portable AC is a portable air cooler that’s commended as a personal air cooling device, which makes summers pleasant for you. Unlike an air conditioner, it is pocket friendly to buy, maintain, and use – meaning it is an economical investment in more ways than one.

The best part is that the air cooler is powered by noise-free technology. This means when it works, it doesn’t generate a consistent buzz-like sound that keeps you on your toes. Instead, you get a quiet, calm, and cool environment so you can rest well and/or work productively too. More importantly, the air is not just cool, but also clean.

Meaning: the air this device blows is free from dust, allergens, and other bacteria. In a nutshell, you get an optimal environment with this unit. This is thanks to the air filter installed in the device. What’s more, since the filter is removable, you can easily clean it and the rest of the unit yourself – without the need to hire an extra pair of professional hands. This cuts cost, adding another point in favor of this device.

On top of all of this, the unit’s cooling is not limited to one room. Instead, ChillBox Portable AC can cool any room for you or any place you decide to spend your time. This is because it is portable, which is possible due to its lightweight and compact design. So, you can move it from one room to another, for instance, from the study to the home office to your bedside table. The options are practically limitless.

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How Does ChillBox Portable AC Work?

The portable AC’s working is based on evaporative cooling. Evaporative cooling relies on cooling pads that evaporate water. It functions by gathering air from the surrounding, passing it through the cooling pads that are drenched in water, cooling the air due to evaporation of water on the pads and throwing the resultant cool air to the room.

To this end, ChillBox Portable AC consists of a water pump that pumps water up from the water tank attached to it. It makes the water flow over the cooling pads that extract heat from the external air by evaporating water. This results in generating fresh and cool air, which with the help of a fan is released into the room.

Although advertised only as an air cooler, the air cooler works also as a fan, humidifier or air purifier. With no water in the tank, it works as a fan. With the tank filled, it humidifies the air to a certain degree of comfort which enables good respiration. That said, it employs multi-layer filtering to filter out dust particles, pollutants and germs to purify and fan out fresh air.

Contrary to air conditioners, ChillBox portable air cooler requires no installment or technical support to set up. It comes with a standard cord to plug into a power outlet and a 300ml water tank that needs to be filled before the product is plugged in and switched on.

How Does ChillBox Portable AC Compare to a Conventional AC?

Admittedly, a traditional air cooler can cool an entire room. In comparison, the ChillBox is a personal air cooler so it chills only your surroundings or whomever it is facing.

Other than that, the air cooler has more pros than cons in contrast with an air conditioner. To begin with, ChillBox is reasonable in pricing (also currently discounted). On the other hand, an air conditioner isn’t as reasonably priced.

Similarly, an AC takes professional installation, which adds to the cost as well as hassle. This air cooler, in comparison, is ready to use right out of the box. It also doesn’t need any professional installation. Simply fill the particular compartment with water and you’d be good to go.

In the same vein, the air cooler doesn’t require professional maintenance. An air conditioner, on the other hand, adds to the costs in maintenance. You can simply clean the air cooler yourself once in a while and that’s all.

There’s also another benefit with the air cooler – you wouldn’t need to share your space with anyone as you use it. For an air conditioner, it cools the room it is in. This means that everyone has to share a room to beat the heat. This can be productivity draining and leaves you with little personal space. That’s not the case with this air cooler.

The air cooler can go wherever you go. From the kitchen counter to your study table, you can stay cool anywhere and everywhere you want.

There’s also the plus that the variable cooling setting means you can use the cooler on a hot day as well as a mild warm day by changing the setting. And, anyone of any age bracket can use it. So if you were using the device for a toddler or senior person, you can simply change the setting to prevent extreme cooling.

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Where to Buy ChillBox Portable AC? Pricing and Refund Policy

From the details mentioned on, one of the many advantages of the ChillBox Portable AC is that it is far cheaper than an air conditioner. Not only does it cost less, but it is also light on the electricity bill. This is because air coolers consume up to 10 times less energy than air conditioners.

The icing on top of all of this is that ChillBox air cooler currently comes with a 50% discount and can be bought for as low as $59 per unit. Since one unit is supposed to cool one person, it is recommended you buy units based on the number of people who need the cooling device.

To cater to this, the manufacturers of ChillBox have lowered the price per unit if the product is bought in bulk. The prices after discount are as follows:

  • 1 unit of ChillBox Portable AC for a price of $89 after a 50% discount. This means the original price is $178, but you can save $89 with the current discount available.
  • 2 units of ChillBox AC for $79 each, meaning for a total of only $158. The original price is $178 per unit, which means the total originally is $356. With the discount, however, you can save a good $198.
  • Three units of ChillBox AC for a grand total of only $207. This means you can get each unit for only $69. This gives you a staggering discount of $327 where the original price for each unit is $178, which takes the total to $534 originally. To add, there are no shipping charges on this.
  • 4 units of the air cooler for $59, down from the original price of $178. This means your total with the discount is only $236 for four units instead of the actual price of $712. Put another way, you can save $476 and don’t even have to pay anything in shipping charges.

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Remember, you get free shipping only when you order ChillBox Portable AC in bulk, however, we recommend buying a single unit first. So if you are living with colleagues or friends in a shared apartment, you all can get a unit for personal cooling at a discounted price and no additional shipping costs. Similarly, you can get bulk units if you are living with your family and everyone can have their own air cooler.

Alternatively, you can order for your sibling or gift the unit to a friend – hitting two birds with one stone as you all can place one order and save money too. If you choose to buy 1-2 units of ChillBox air conditioner, you’ll need to pay $8.99 in shipping and handling costs.

ChillBox Portable AC Money Back Guarantee

In addition to discounted prices, there is a 30-day money back guarantee. This means that if you are not happy with the product you receive, you can easily get a full refund of the amount you paid for the air cooler.

So, let’s suppose, you ordered the ChillBox air conditioner but you find the performance not up to the mark or there’s some other issue, you can simply request a refund of your initial order.

To receive the refund, it is compulsory to contact the ChillBox care center and inform them of your dissatisfaction within the first 30 days of the purchase. Note that the refund does not include the shipping cost. Only the price at which the unit is purchased will be refunded. Put another way, you’ll have to return the unit to the manufacturer at your own cost. Once they receive the unit(s), they’ll issue a refund right away.

Should You Order More Than One Unit of ChillBox Air Cooler?

We recommend trying out a single unit firt before ordering in bulk. ChillBox Portable Air Cooler is worth the investment when it comes to creating a cool and healthy environment. Plus, it is reliable too.

As the name suggests, ChillBox Portable AC is convenient to move from one place to the other because of its compact and lightweight design. Considering the fact that the device is currently up for grabs at a discounted price, it makes sense to order in bulk. Placing a bulk order also cancels the shipping free, adding a cherry on top.

Additionally, your investment is protected by a money back guarantee. So you can always return the order if you aren’t satisfied. Ordering in bulk also means you don’t have to take on the headache of placing repeat orders.

Let’s say you order one unit and end up liking it. This means you’ll have to place an order to get another unit. In that case, why not order in bulk (as many units as needed), save money as well as the headache of placing another order and waiting for it to be delivered. But, if you aren’t satisfied. Use the refund option available to you within 30 days of placing the order. It’s that simple.

To top all of that, the personal air cooler has several benefits which have proven it to be a valuable purchase for many people.

As mentioned on, some of the benefits of ChillBox Portable AC are:

  • Portability - As mentioned above, ChillBox Portable AC unit is easy to carry and move from one room to another because of its compact size, light weight and aesthetic design.
  • Low energy consumption - Like all air coolers, this one also consumes 10 times less energy than an air conditioner. Making it energy efficient and cost effective.
  • Efficient cooling - ChillBox air cooler might be small in size but is big on performance. It blows out cool air at a speed of 2.7 m/s which cools a person in no time.
  • Optimal control - To complement efficient performance, it comes with 3 modes of control which range from normal fan blowing to chilled air cooling. The pinnacle of comfort and control.
  • Environment friendly - Not only does ChillBox generate cool air, but it is also environment friendly and healthy. Unlike air conditioners, air coolers use less energy and emit less carbon dioxide. The portable air cooler makes little to no noise pollution as well, making it easy for you to sleep well or concentrate on work.
  • Easy to use - ChillBox Portable AC’s usage is straightforward and simple. It requires no technical assistance to set it up and use.

To make it the most worthwhile purchase of your summer, the manufacturers have provided a 50% discount along with lowered prices on bulk purchase. This means that if you buy more than one unit, you’ll get to pay a lower price for each unit. Hence, buying more than one unit is completely worth your money.

Where Can You Buy ChillBox Air Cooler Online?

If you decide to buy the ChillBox, you’ll have to visit its original website - It is not available on Amazon or any other online e-commerce marketplace. Many fake products with the same name are being sold online.

So, if you find any product labelled “ChillBox Portable AC” on an e-commerce marketplace, know that it's a scam. The only way one can avoid scam and buy authentic, genuine and the original portable cooler is through heading over to the original product website and placing your order there.

Should You Trust ChillBox Portable AC?

Whenever you make an investment, you are likely to think if it’s for a product that’s worth your trust and worth your money. That’s understandable, which is why we have the answer for both.

For one, it’s easy to trust this air cooler for a number of reasons. Top of these is the fact that there’s an original website for the product that also details contact details and offers a standard, secure payment method. Spammy products, on the contrary, don’t share manufacturer’s details or their contact information.

Number two is the fact the product has good media coverage and is backed with positive customer reviews. This brings to light the fact that the product’s users are liking it, therefore, bothering to leave positive reviews on it.

As for whether ChillBox Portable AC is worth the investment, then we’ve already outlined how it scores over a traditional air conditioner – serving as an efficient and economical alternative – and we’ve also listed the benefits.

Essentially, its price and portability make it worth the money you put into it. But there’s more to add to these chief features. This includes the noise-free tech, the air filler for quality cooling, the air setting for better control, and the environment friendly feature.

ChillBox Portable AC Reviews - Final Verdict

All in all, it’s safe to say that ChillBox Portable AC is a good investment for anyone looking for a personal air cooler. It’s a great alternative to using air conditioners and saving money in the electricity department. Get it today while the discount lasts. Don’t forget, there’s a money back guarantee protecting your money for a full month. This gives you plenty of time to decide how you like the air cooler.

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