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Fuze Bug Reviews - Popular FuzeBug Mosquito Zapper Worth The Hype?
Fuze Bug Reviews - Popular FuzeBug Mosquito Zapper Worth The Hype?

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Fuze Bug Reviews - Popular FuzeBug Mosquito Zapper Now Available Online

Published Via 11Press: Fuze Bug is a newly released mosquito repellent lamp that claims to be effective on mosquitoes and other annoying bugs.. According to the official website, it is a solar-powered bug killer that can work up to 20 hours in one go. Its high quality, efficacy, and thousands of hours of coverage make it a great investment in health for the summer season.

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There is no lie that insects are essential for equilibrium in the ecosystem. Some of these have already become a part of our existence by marking their territory within our living spaces under the principle of coexistence. Just like how humans are dependent upon them for the smooth balance of the ecosystem, they are also dependent upon humans for their food and habitat, to some extent. But the real problem is the health concerns that are related to these insect bites, transmitting diseases from one host to another. Furthermore, they add up to the misery by crawling into every space, scaring us whenever possible. But all thanks to the new innovative bug killer Fuze Bug, all these issues can be minimized.

Replacing your conventional mosquito and bug-killing products with Fuze Bug would not only give you peace of mind but also better results, less expenses, and zero refills needed. Instead of chemicals, it uses light to attract the insects, and as soon as they come closer to it, they are killed with the help of a 1000V coil inside. Interestingly, this lamp is only destructive for insects and has no risks or damages for humans. When it is fully charged, it can last between 20 to 25 hours. Besides, the company is running a discount offer these days that cuts its price to an affordable range.

Continue reading to know everything about this lamp in this Fuze Bug review.

Fuze Bug Review: What is it?

What comes to your mind when you think of an insect repellant or an insect killer? Most people imagine it to be a spray, coil, net, or other conventional devices that are in use for years. All of these products have limited efficacy and work on a hit or miss approach instead of providing 100% protection. Moreover, the chemicals used inside these products can irritate the skin or cause breathing difficulties in no time.

The summer has already started, and it is the right time to switch to something with more protective benefits and safety, such as the Fuze Bug mosquito zapper. It is a chemical-free device that is safe for people with severe respiratory allergies or disorders. There are no fumes, irritants, or smoke that come out of it. All that it has is a light that causes no nuisance to humans. So FuzeBug is a whole new idea, uplifting the status quo of mosquito killer devices, with a more aesthetic, easy-to-use, and simple device that works better than the conventional method.

The Fuze Bug light works as an insect repellent as well as a lamp at the same time. It emits a purple-pink light that is soothing for the eyes. According to the official website, it is a rechargeable device just like your mobile phone or laptop and has a battery life of over 20 hours when fully charged.

Interestingly, it can work in both indoor and outdoor settings. You can either place it inside the room to save you and your family from undesirable mosquito invasion or take it with you on outdoor tours, especially at camping, trekking, or any activity that involves living in the woods. Either you can run it on the battery or charge it through solar power; either way, it works best for you.

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How Does the Fuze Bug work?

The working of a bug zapper is not something extraordinary as there are many similar products already available in the market. But what makes the Fuze Bug zapper stand out among all of them is its risk-free light, solar power option, and dual-purpose design that other lamps don’t offer.

It is added with a 2000 mAH built-in battery that is rechargeable like any other battery-operated device. You can connect it with a power source using a USB-Type C charger, which is the latest charging cable compatible with many devices. This battery time is sufficient to give one whole day and (possibly) a night of full protection from the insects.

However, if you don’t have access to any power source, you can charge it through solar power, which is something you won't see in any mosquito zapper. When you are outdoors with no facilities or anything, there is no reason to put your health in danger by exposing yourself to mosquitoes, bugs, or other insects that may cause chronic infections.

Many diseases, for example, dengue, malaria, Lyme disease, and West Nile, are typically associated with bugs and can push the body to a fatal stage in no time. The fact that bug attacks are avoidable if you know which product to use makes outdoor time much more manageable. Besides, it is environmentally friendly and adds nothing that could affect it negatively.

The versatility of FuzeBug is another reason why Fuze Bug repellent lamp is such a popular product. It is a small, lightweight, and portable device that can fit into your backpack, car, or even in a drawer. Its light covers an area of nearly 375 square feet that is enough to keep you safe, especially when you are camping or somewhere outdoors.

With that, the last thing about this lamp is the sensors that can spot insects in no time. The coil inside is not always working and is only activated when it spots an insect crawling or flying towards it. This auto-on-off mode makes its batter durable for long hours with one cycle of charge and saves it from deteriorating with time.

Top Features of Fuze Bug Zapper

Now the device and its function is clear, the next is to discuss the features that make it a better option than similar devices that you see in the market. Overall, it is a small device with many benefits enclosed in one tiny device. These multi-actions are fascinating because it is only an insect killer, and that’s not what you typically expect from such a device. With zapping and all the additional features lined up, Fuze Bug light is not something you can ignore after knowing about it.

Fuze Bug mosquito zapper is packed with features that make it look exciting and convenient for everyone. Starting from a weatherproof (water-proof) body to its minimal design, it is not something that you see everyday. Here are some striking features of Fuze Bug that may help you make a decision about trying it.

  • Small but high voltage device

The idea of a high voltage device gives an impression of heavy machinery and considering the size of this lamp, it doesn’t sound right at first, but it is true. The primary function of Fuze Bug is to kill or repel insects, including crawling and flying insects. But the method that it uses to target and kill these bugs is unarguably different as it uses a 1000V zap to provide 100% protection.

Compare it with an insect repelling spray or essential oil. Would you get the same level of protection from these devices? Have you noticed how mosquitoes and bugs act ‘dizzy’ after contacting the fumes coming out of a coil or from your insect-repellant spray? It is only a temporary effect, and these chemicals don’t actually kill these insects. Plus, you have to use the product repeatedly every few hours to make yourself safe from these insects, and this high exposure to the skin and lungs may trigger allergic reactions.

The light used in fuze bug light uses motion sensors to track the insect's movements, and it suddenly brightens up, and they are killed. Insects assume that this light is a source of warmth and comfort, which is why they are attracted to it. Once they reach its surface, they are killed in no time.

  • Solar-power battery

The next thing about the Fuze bug repellent lamp is that it is a solar powered device and works even when you don’t have a source to recharge it through the cable. Whether you are using it at home in any room or taking it out with you on a trip, it continues to protect you from the mosquitoes and bugs that could make you sick in no time. Being solar powered makes it easy to use for long trips where you may not have a constant supply of electricity to charge it.

Every device comes with a USB-Type C charging point that can be plugged into a phone charger, a laptop charger, if compatible, or with a power bank. But having an additional way of charging it allows you to charge it by placing it in the sun, no matter where you are and what you are doing. Fuze Bug believes there shouldn’t be any compromise on health, which is why it is ready to serve you with its full protective capacity.

Adding up to that, the type c charging technology is the latest among rechargeable batteries. They allow the batteries to be fully charged, making a device more long-lasting than ever. Either you can use a Fuze Bug repellent lamp in one go after a complete recharge for up to 25 hours or break it into various hours during the time of the day when bugs' invasion is maximum, i.e., dawn and dusk. Even if it runs out of battery, you know you can recharge it by placing it in the sun, and you are good to go.

  • High user safety

One of many reasons bug-repellent sprays and essential oils are not recommended for the long term is that they are not very safe for the user. There are many chemicals inside these products that could interact with the skin and breath. People with preexisting conditions such as allergies, asthma, or respiratory disorders may not be comfortable with using these devices.

On the other hand, the Fuze Bug mosquito device has no chemicals inside, making it safe and risk-free for all users. The high voltage coil kills the bug instantly, yet it doesn’t require any chemicals to work. It works on the electrical current that is only damaging for insects, not humans.

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Being free from chemicals also means that Fuze Bug is safe for a family with young children and pets. It has a double protective layer around its zap, making it impossible to be touched by a child trying to explore it. It is a non-UV light that makes it easy on the skin and safe for every household, no matter how long it is used.

  • Weatherproof device

Fuze Bug is designed in a way that it is ever ready to work. No matter where you place it, it is perfect for every occasion. According to the customers, they have used it on barbeque gatherings, summer camps, trips, hiking, and trekking. Many times an outdoor adventure carries its own risks and dangers, especially related to the weather.

In that case, you may not be able to charge this device as the solar light may not be available. But if there is no such risk and the weather is clear, this lamp is a good companion for a trip. It has a high tolerance level and is unaffected by rain too. In a way, it is a weatherproof device that tries to give you maximum protection from mosquitoes, spiders, and bugs.

  • Brightness modes

While most of its benefits are thrown as an insect repellent, the lamp mode is not something to be missed as well. Fuze Bug zapper has a full-fledged LED light display that can be customized for its brightness according to the user’s preference. There are four options to adjust this light, each offering a different type of brightness. You can choose anything among 0%, 20%, 50%, and 100% brightness. So use it for decoration or a night light to help you sleep; Fuze Bug is here to relax you, protect you from bugs, and brighten your night.

  • Easy maintenance

It may sound like a complicated device that requires thorough cleaning and maintenance. But the truth is that the Fuze Bug mosquito killer requires no high maintenance, as it has no hidden parts or tools inside. It's just that the touch and kill approach immediately kills the insect, giving no time for it to hide somewhere. So the only maintenance that it would need is to clear from the insect remains and build that may be around it. Inside the device, the company has installed a brush that clears the debris from the bottom, if any. You can even take out this bottom and manually throw it once a week, and it is ready to work again.

A Quick Summary of Fuze Bug Mosquito Zapper

All the information mentioned above establishes that Fuze Bug is a very reasonable, practical, and versatile product with additional features that are not offered by any other device. However, many things about it could be good or bad, from a customer’s perspective. Here is a quick evaluation and a summary of this Fuze Bug review. Read it before making your final decision.

Pros of Fuze Bug

  • Chemical-free product, working with a non-UV light
  • Long-term rechargeable battery-powered through USB Type C charger
  • Chargeable with solar energy (if needed)
  • Fully weatherproof and waterproof body
  • Huge coverage area
  • Two in one function; lamp and light
  • Beautiful light
  • Child and pet friendly
  • Eco Friendly

Cons of Fuze Bug

  • Not available at local stores and markets and only available through the official website
  • Not suitable for people who don’t like the idea of killing bugs

Where To Buy Fuze Bug Mosquito Device? Official Price and Availability

If you wish to try Fuze Bug mosquito zapper, place your order by visiting the official website -

There is no other way to buy a Fuze bug than placing an online order. The company receives all orders, processes them, and delivers the product to your doorstep. Right now, it is offering a huge discount on the original Fuze Bug price. But the stock is low as people seem thrilled to give it a try. It is better to buy it before it runs completely out of stock, in which case you have to wait for three months for the next batch to be ready.

The original price of one Fuze Bug lamp is nearly $80, but under the discount offer, you can get 50% off the price. To make it even better, you can order multiple lamps in one go (one for each room) and get more discount on the actual price.

Here are the pricing details about bundle packs.

  • Alpha pack (One Fuze Bug lamp) for $39.99 only
  • Beta pack (Two Fuze Bug lamps) for $37.99 each
  • Gamma pack (Three Fuze Bug lamps) for $35.99 each
  • Delta pack (Four Fuze Bug lamps) for $33.99 each
  • Epsilon pack (Five Fuze Bug lamps) for $31.99 each

It is a good idea to buy a single unit of Fuze Bug first to try it out. All orders are protected with a 30-day money-back guarantee that applies to every lamp. The company is sure about the quality and functions of its product, which is why it is ready to refund all unhappy and dissatisfied customers. You can either get a replacement or a full refund of your money during this period.

The process to file a refund is very simple; you have to contact the company and inform them about the decision you have made. There are no questions by the company, and you can even share feedback if you want. The company will need your order number to track your details. After you provide them with it, a mandatory verification process would start to know if you have made this purchase from the official website or not. Customers who buy Fuze Bug from other sources are not entitled to get this refund, and the company has full right to reject their refund request.

You may have to send your used/unused device back to the company at its address that is;

FuzeBug Return


Vauxhall Rd,


NJ 07083

Don’t forget to add your order number, name, and contact details with this return parcel. Make sure that you are sending it back to its original box and packing. For more details about orders, returns and refunds, you can contact the customer support line, and a representative will help you.


Phone: +1 (866) 466-2390 (toll free number)

Fuze Bug Reviews: What Have You Decided?

Fuze Bug is a small, interesting, and fascinating gadget that makes life easier by pushing nasty insects, mosquitoes, spiders, and moths away from you. It is a two in one product that works as an insect repellent and a lamp with soothing light. You can charge it using a USB type C charger or readily available solar energy.

Don’t let its small size misguide you about its benefits. Although it is a tiny device, it can cover an area of over 300 square feet that is probably the maximum area covered by any such device. Pair it with the fact that it is portable and can be carried or placed anywhere, indoors or outdoors. There are no chemicals, fumes, or irritants emitted from it; thus, it is safe for prolonged and everyday use.

It is not available at any local store, and the only way to buy Fuze Bug mosquito zapper is by confirming your order online. If you don’t like the idea of killing the bugs, this device is not a suitable choice for you. All others who are sick of the buzzing insects around them can try Fuze Bug and explore its amazing features without even stepping out from their house.

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