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Nerve Rejuv Reviews (Golden After 50) Does It Really Work?

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Nerve Rejuv Reviews (Golden After 50) Does It Really Work?

Published Via 11Press: Nerve Rejuv from Golden After 50 contains special vitamins and minerals which work toward the end of putting an end to neuropathy. About 20 million people in the United States alone have been diagnosed with some form of peripheral neuropathy. However, there must be several others out there who don't even know they have the condition and bear the stinging and burning sensations caused by this condition silently.

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Unfortunately, there is not much that doctors can do if dietary changes, medications and physical therapy don't help you. The only option left now is that of amputation. However, before taking any major risks for your health, always consider adding a natural product to routine that can solve your health problem without any negative side effects.

In this regard, Nerve Rejuv seems to be a worthwhile solution. It comes from a company that has several other supplements on the market and is a quality product in itself. The supplement works by means of curbing inflammation and flushing out toxins in your body. At the end of the day whether or not you should buy the supplement depends on you. However, before you make your decision, you may want to read the review below which will discuss everything that you need to know about Golden After 50 Nerve Rejuv. Let's get started.

Nerve Rejuv Review

Have you been experiencing extreme pain, burning, numbness in your nerves? Perhaps you weren't able to first recognize where exactly the pain was stemming from. However, neuropathy pain is so unique that it becomes obvious in a little time what you are going through. There can be several reasons behind why you are experiencing such pain.

It can be that your diet is improper or that you have inherited the condition from a family member. It is also possible that you have neuropathy because of another health condition. For instance, a large number of people who have diabetes also experience nerve pain. But these are not the only causes behind neuropathy. Sometimes it is just pollution, lifestyle changes or side effects of medications which result in nerve pain.

Either way, you need to do something about the problem because you simply cannot expect yourself to tolerate the pain quietly. Your doctor may initially recommend dietary changes or medicine for improving your condition. However, if both don't work you can always try a bottle of nature’s right ingredients for putting an end to neuropathy.

Packed in a bottle, one product that goes by the name of Nerve Rejuv can help. It comes up from a popular company called Golden After 50. The supplement is fully natural without any ingredients that are based on chemicals or are toxic to your health. It reaches the root cause behind your neuropathy to solve your health problem there and free you of nerve pain.

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How Does Nerve Rejuv Work?

Regardless of what is the cause behind why you're experiencing nerve pain, what happens inside your body is typically the same thing. Basically, neuropathy occurs when you experience extreme inflammation in the nerves and when your nerve cells are damaged. Considering how a lot of your bodily functions are dependent on your central nervous system, damage to your nerves can come with difficult outcomes.

To explain, let's start from the beginning: inflammation occurs due to either pollution, a bad diet, genetics, negative side effects of drugs, a health condition or a poor lifestyle. While typically inflammation is healthy, chronic inflammation can take a seriously unpleasant toll on your health. This long-term inflammation causes damage to your nerves and also increases the production of cytokines in your body.

The cytokine molecules are produced for fighting foreign invaders by your immune system. However, in chronic inflammation these cytokines can activate NF-KB. When this happens, cytokines flood your bloodstream and destroy nerve fibers. This causes neuropathy. Other than this, NF-KB also is responsible for triggering further inflammation. The cycle, hence, goes on and on.

Nerve Rejuv uses natural ingredients that have been learned from an Okinawan secret. These ingredients fight inflammation and flush out damaging inflammatory compounds from your blood. Once this is done, your nerves are slowly repaired, and pain is put to an end. Therefore, this is how Nerve Rejuv works to get rid of inflammation and improve your health in more ways than one.

Features Of The Nerve Rejuv Supplement

There are several features of this product which make it seem like a solution that you can try out if you are going through neuropathy. Let's take a look below at the qualities that Nerve Rejuv boasts of:

  1. Nature’s best ingredients

The first quality of this supplement is that it is fully natural. All the ingredients that it contains are taken from nature itself. There are special vitamins and minerals which work together toward the end of combating inflammation and flushing out toxins from your body. The formula does not comprise any harmful agents such as stimulants, toxins or other chemicals.

  1. At par hygiene and quality

Nerve Rejuv claims to be a premium quality supplement that has been developed following the highest standards that supplement companies are required to adhere to. The product has been manufactured in a facility that is GMP certified as well as FDA approved. Hygiene standards are strictly maintained to ensure that the product is clean and yet its potency is not affected by any harsh processing.

  1. Little to no side effects

When you take a new supplement or any new medicine for your health, there's always the fear of negative side effects. However, this is not a drug. You can rest assured that there will be no negative side effects. In case you do experience any unpleasant effects, those would be minor and will take no time to go away on their own. So far, no negative side effects have been reported.

  1. Easy daily use

This product is also one that you can take on a daily basis without having to worry that you will have to waste any time or effort. That's because it comes in the form of capsules and your only job is to take these capsules on a regular basis with a glass of water. Please be sure to take Nerve Rejuv every day. This shouldn't be a problem since you only have to take out a minute to do this.

  1. Unique and rare solution

The ingredients and the solution have been learned from Okinawa. This is because in Okinawa very few people suffer through neuropathy (owing to their diet) and most have amazing health. Therefore, the people behind this product have learned a solution specifically from Japan so that you can enjoy amazing health benefits without having to go through any pesky side effects.

  1. Reliable completely

Apart from the fact that this product is a high quality one which happens to be completely natural, it also comes from a company that you can trust. Nerve Rejuv is not the product of some unknown manufacturer but comes from a known company called Golden After 50. You must have heard of this supplement manufacturer before or might as well have tried another of its products.

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Nerve Rejuv Ingredients

Nerve Rejuv comprises only natural agents such as herbs, minerals and vitamins. Below is a look at the ingredients it contains:

  • Riboflavin: added for protection of nerves against damage of inflammation.
  • Thiamine: this ingredient is also known as vitamin B1. It is essential for energy production and for nerve functionality. It also helps with neurotransmission and can curb deficiency of vitamin B1 which can cause neuron damage or neuron death.
  • vitamin B6: this ingredient has been included for it to cover the nerve endings. It also pairs up with vitamin B12 for protecting your nerves.
  • Vitamin B12: used in Nerve Rejuv for repairing nerves. Your body basically needs vitamin B6 for preventing neuropathy. In case you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, you need this ingredient for getting rid of neuropathy.
  • Vitamin D: this vitamin has been added for its neuroprotective properties. It has an impact on the release of neurotrophin. Moreover, vitamin D can prevent oxidative stress that can damage nerve tissue.
  • Alpha lipoic acid: ALA has been incorporated in Nerve Rejuv for decreasing high blood sugar. It also improves your condition by getting rid of itching, pain and numbness that accompany neuropathy. Alpha lipoic acid is also an antioxidant that gets rid of nerve damage due to oxidation.
  • Acetyl-l-carnitine: this ingredient is an effective pain reliever. It also increases your energy levels. Since acetyl-L-carnitine is an amino acid and an antioxidant, it can promote healthy nerve cells.
  • Passion flower extract: another ingredient that has been added in this formula is the passion flower extract. It has strong anti-anxiety properties. Apart from its calming effect, passionflower extract also is an anti-inflammatory agent.
  • Turmeric root: turmeric contains circumin which has several proven health benefits. It is a great ingredient for better heart health and an excellent antioxidant. It can relieve pains and the other negative sensations that come with neuropathy.
  • Chinese skullcap extract: Next, the supplement contains Chinese skullcap extract which is great for improving your mood and getting rid of anxiety. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent that reduces swelling and pain which often accompany neuropathy.
  • Feverfew extract: feverfew extract in Nerve Rejuv can relieve pain and improve your mood. In fact, it can also get rid of migraines.

Benefits Of Using Nerve Rejuv

Though individual results may vary, let’s quickly glimpse at some benefits you may notice while using Nerve Rejuv pills:

  • Freedom from nerve pain

Better than choosing medicines is to go for natural solutions. Nerve Rejuv is a great product that you can go for in case you also have neuropathy. It puts an end to nerve pain once and for all. And on continued use it also ensures that you never have to experience neuropathy again.

  • Curbs chronic inflammation

As discussed, inflammation is a healthy process of your body. Unfortunately, chronic inflammation can cause a slew of health problems including neuropathy. The primary purpose of this product is to put an end to such unhealthy inflammation so that your health can benefit on the whole.

  • Strengthens immune system

Yet another perk that you can experience by using this supplement is a strong immune system. Nerve Rejuv boosts your immunity in order to protect you from the attack of different viruses and diseases. It also improves your recovery and healing speed.

  • Promotes mental well-being

Thanks to the soothing herbal agents that have been included in the formula of this supplement, it is also able to calm anxiety and promote a better mood. Therefore, this supplement is good for your overall mental well-being.

Also check out Nerve Rejuv customer reviews and user testimonials. Does it really help with nerve pain? More info can be found here.

Usage And Dosage Of Nerve Rejuv

One bottle of Nerve Rejuv has enough capsules that it completes an entire month with you. As per the label, you are recommended to take two capsules on a daily basis. Take these two capsules with an 8 oz glass of water about 20 to 30 minutes prior to your meal. Just be sure that you take the supplement every day otherwise you might delay results.

There are some people who recommend not to use this product. First of all, the supplement is for everyone who has neuropathy but should not be used by those who are below the age of 18. The bottle should be kept away from children and direct sunlight. Moreover, pregnant and nursing women should also not use Nerve Rejuv pills.

If you are on other OTC drugs or have been diagnosed with a chronic condition, then you need to consult your physician prior to including the product in your routine. In fact, before including any new supplement to your routine, you always need to consult your healthcare provider. In case you have been diagnosed with neuropathy, and have been suggested pills for it, stick to those rather than including these additionally or without the affirmation of your doctor.

Where to Buy Nerve Rejuv and Pricing?

In case you have decided to purchase Nerve Rejuv, know that there are three different packages available at All deals are being currently offered at a discount. Take a look at the pricing below:

  • In just $69 you can get a single bottle of Nerve Rejuv.
  • If you want to get this supplement at a better price, go for the three-bottle deal in which each is available for only $59.
  • The price is further lowered to $49 for a bottle if you purchase the six-bottle deal.

If you want to place your order, you should do so from the official website of the product, this way you will be safe from scams. After adding your preferred package to your cart, you will have to fill in basic details such as your delivery address and name. Following this, you can make your payment by either using your credit or your debit card. The product will reach you in a short amount of time at your doorstep.

Money Back Guarantee

Worried what if your money goes to waste in case this supplement doesn't show the results that it promises? The purchase of Nerve Rejuv is backed by a long and strong money back guarantee of 90 days. Individual results may vary. Therefore, you can try this supplement out for an entire 3-month period. If it still doesn't work to show you any amazing results, you have the option of returning it within this time.

To start the refund process, you will just have to get in touch with the customer support team. Return the products that you have purchased at the address that you are given. Following this, your money will be refunded shortly. This doesn't only show that the company is confident about the working of this product, but it also safeguards your investment, making it easier to take this risk of purchasing a supplement online without first examining it.

Nerve Rejuv Reviews - Wrap Up Thoughts

Nerve Rejuv is one product that you can choose for your health in case you have neuropathy. This supplement doesn't only put an end to nerve pain by finishing off inflammation and strengthening your immune system, it also has other benefits for your health. It uses natural ingredients, specifically vitamins and minerals that your body needs for putting an end to nerve pain.

Quality wise as well, Nerve Rejuv claims to be a supplement that you can trust. You just have to be regular with your use of the product if you want to see results that are not delayed. Positive customer reviews show that this supplement comes from a company you can trust and will most probably work well for you. In case it doesn't, you can always return it to get your cash back. If you want to place your order or know more about this product, visit the official website of Golden After 50 Nerve Rejuv by visiting this link.

Nerve Rejuv Reviews and Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Nerve Rejuv get rid of nerve pain?

To recap, Nerve Rejuv uses natural ingredients to get rid of the numbness, stinging sensation, pins and needles feeling, and debilitating pain in the nerves that come with neuropathy. This is able to do so by eliminating toxins from your body and stopping chronic inflammation. However, individual results may vary.

  • What if you experience negative side effects?

It is unlikely that you will experience any serious negative side effects on the use of this supplement. However, in case you do, it is better to stop use and consult your physician regarding next steps.

  • What are the shipping charges?

In case you purchase just one bottle of Nerve Rejuv, shipping charges of $8.95 will be applicable. However, in case you go for the bulk deals, shipping will be completely free of charge in the United States.

  • Are there any additional charges or subscriptions?

No, there are no hidden or additional charges applicable. There is also no subscription program which can be quite problematic in case you forget to cancel it if you're not satisfied with your purchase.

  • Which deal should you purchase?

You should just buy a single bottle of Nerve Rejuv if you have not tried this supplement before or if you just want to use it for slight nerve pain symptoms. However, if you have serious nerve pain, it is recommended that you purchase a bigger deal so that you are stocked up for the coming months. You can also buy the bigger deals in case you want to distribute your bottles among loved ones.

  • How to contact the customer team?

You can contact the customer support team by asking any questions or discussing any queries through email or via phone. Here are the details: (800) 351-6106.

  • Is Nerve Rejuv available at Walmart or on Amazon?

No, this supplement is not available anywhere else apart from directly from its website. You won’t find it on Amazon or Walmart even.

  • Are payments through PayPal accepted?

No, unfortunately payments through payment are not currently supported.

  • How can you trust this product?

It is always a leap of faith when you purchase products online. However, to check the reliability of this particular supplement, you can always read any genuine reviews of customers online or ask in your circle if they have used this supplement and what their experience has been. Nerve Rejuv does come with a money back guarantee and from a company that you can rely on. You can run a simple background check on the company by simply Googling it.

  • Is Nerve Rejuv FDA approved?

As is the case with most supplements, Nerve Rejuv is also not one that has been evaluated by the FDA. However, it has been formulated following strict quality guidelines, in an FDA certified lab.

To learn more about Nerve Rejuv or to make your purchase, visit the official website here.



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