It is a pleasure to represent a high-quality product, says Netta Kettunen, Salli's Expo Manager.
It is a pleasure to represent a high-quality product, says Netta Kettunen, Salli's Expo Manager.

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​Let’s meet at expos - Salli participates every year in dozens of events

Salli participates in dozens of expos every year, both in Finland and abroad. Managing all the expos is a complex palette run by the Expo Manager Netta Kettunen. In the following, Netta tells about her work.

I'm responsible for all Salli's expos and events. My duties include planning and implementing expos and, of course, participating in them. The best thing about my work is variability: sometimes I am a Salli representative at an expo, sometimes it is a bit more peaceful day in the office. Also my office days are quite versatile.

Salli is the leading expert in sitting health both in Finland and abroad – it is a pleasure to represent a uniquely designed high-quality product. In Finland, Salli is very well known and a lot of people know our basic concept and just come to see what is new this time. Abroad there is more work to be done and the encounter often begins with advice on how to sit on the chair. However, it is always nice to see how customers are convinced of our concept after testing the product.

In addition to the sitting concept, we always try to talk about the most comprehensive ergonomic solution that we can offer with accessoriestables and other ergonomic products. In Finland and the Nordic countries the concept of ergonomics is really advanced, but for example the idea of saddle chairs in office use is not that familiar everywhere. It is therefore important to be present at various events and expos in order to gain wider awareness.

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Salli's sitting revolution began here almost 30 years ago, in Rautalampi, Finland.

Salli concept conquers the world one expo at a time

This year, Salli has been present at many expos both in Finland and abroad, the largest of them being the dental expo IDS in Germany. In addition, we have participated in other smaller events and expos, such as Stockholm Furniture Fair in Sweden, Naidex (rehabilitation) in Birmingham in the UK, and the Finnish Medical Convention in Helsinki. We are actively involved in events in the fields of physiotherapy, dental care, design, and health and well-being. This year we have also participated in many horse-related events with our new Salli Riding Pad. The comprehensive ergonomic solutions of Salli's sitting concept have been well received everywhere.

This year, we have invested especially in events for more targeted audiences also abroad, including the WCPT Congress (physical therapy) in Switzerland, the Interdisciplinary World Congress at Low Back and Pelvic Girdle Pain (health and rehabilitation) in Belgium, and AIO (dental care) in Italy. In the future, we will certainly be aiming at being present and visible not only in the events for the general public but also in the smaller events that concern some important target group.

Cooperation and new models

We started cooperation with Contour Design in early 2018 – both of us are speaking for the comprehensive ergonomics, and our products work well together. Contour's centered and vertical mice, and keyboards are ideal to be used at the Salli workstation, where they enhance ergonomics further. Cooperation has started well, and at some expos we share the stand.

The new small saddle chair models launched earlier this year, Salli Small SwingFit and Salli Small MultiAdjuster, have been well received. There is clearly a need for a narrower seat in the market.

In addition to our new models, we have redesigned the mechanisms of our existing models. The width adjustment is now in front of the seat and even handier to use. We have received very positive feedback on the ease of use of the mechanism. We also have stylish new colours, Vintage Graphite and Vintage Brown.

Text continues after the picture.  Working at expos is teamwork at its best. Netta in the middle with Anja-Riitta Saarinen (left) and Janne Slant.

See you at expos!

The rest of the year will be busy as usual, especially in October and November. We are present at many events such as Habitare in Finland and Swedental in Sweden.

This year we will participate in at least the following events:

5.-7.6. Health Center Dental Practitioners Summer Study Days, Seinäjoki, Finland

13.-15.6. AIO 2019, Sardinia, Italy

23.-25.8. Kunnon Laiva, Helsinki-Stockholm-Helsinki, Finland

11.-15.9. Habitare, Helsinki, Finland

18.-20.10. I love me, Helsinki, Finland

28.-31.10. Interdisciplinary World Congress at Girdle Pain, Antwerp, Belgium

5.-7.11. Teknologia 19, Helsinki, Finland

7.-9.11. Apuväline 2019, Tampere, Finland

8.-10.11. Allt för Hälsan, Stockholm, Sweden

13.-15.11. Swedental, Stockholm, Sweden

Welcome to our stand to test our products! We are happy to tell you more and help you improve your ergonomics.

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Salli Systems is the leading manufacturer of saddle chairs in the world. The Finnish company has been developing the optimum sitting concept since 1990, and holds now two worldwide patents. Salli’s invention, the two-part saddle chair that has an active seat, solves the classic problem of how to sit without disturbing one’s circulation and metabolism and thus one’s health and productivity. Salli Systems produces saddle chairs, electrically adjustable tables, and accessories; the products are exported to more than 70 countries.

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