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Salli and Contour Design in cooperation towards better work ergonomics

Salli and Contour Design have started cooperation that brings the two companies together e.g. at expos.

Ergonomics consists of many things – Contour's and Salli's products support each other and help employees to feel better at work and thereby prevent SRI (repetitive strain injuries) and sick leaves. To accompany Salli’s saddle chairs and electric tables, Contour offers ergonomic devices such as the RollerMouse. You can now find the RollerMouse and Unimouse wireless mice, the combination of RollerMouse and wrist support RollerMouse Red max, and a laptop stand in Salli’s webshop.

The 50-year-old computer mouse updated

In the modern digital work environment, almost everyone works on a computer. The traditional computer mouse was invented already in the 1960s and has not changed much since. Most of us don't think that its daily use causes repeated movements, and hence strain. The biggest single cause of sick leaves is musculoskeletal disorders.

The Contour Design's best-known product, RollerMouse, is designed with the user in mind, and it helps to improve work efficiency while avoiding the cost of RSI and their treatment. A balanced working position reduces the strain on the body and enables the use of both hands. RollerMouse keeps your hands, arms, shoulders and neck relaxed, so you can say good-bye to muscle tension, monotonous work, and mouse-hand problems. It also reduces wrong positions and excessive strain on hands and body, as you automatically sit in an ergonomic position and work with both hands in front of the body.

– This is the most relaxing work position and it places the minimum amount of strain on muscles, says Key Account Manager Matti Eskelinen from Contour. Hanna Ojutkangas, Occupational Therapist from Salli adds that by working properly with a centre mouse, you will feel significantly better both at work and in leisure time.

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Unimouse Wireless, Laptop Stand, RollerMouse Red max, and RollerMouse Red Wireless.

– Contour Design offers its customers ergonomic tools such as mice and keyboards to help reduce the strain on shoulders, elbows and neck. In this way working is painless and prevents RSI, says Account Manager Joonas Ruuskanen from Contour.

Remember the breaks!

– Work shouldn't be monotonous! It is advisable to vary the working position several times during the day. Sometimes it is good to stand instead of sitting, and even to walk during phone calls. It is also good to take breaks so that the brain keeps alert and thoughts clear, reminds Matti.

Hanna Ojutkangas also speaks for breaks and adds movement into the recipe of an ergonomic working day.
– You should definitely take breaks even if ergonomics is fine. Salli’s swing models make it easy to add movement while sitting, as their seat adapts to your movements. You can actively exercise the core muscles or refresh the circulation especially in the lower back by small swinging movements. Even little activity and small movements promote wellbeing at work and keep the body and brain more alert.

Text continues after the picture. – My job description is very wide, sometimes I have office days and sometimes more physical tasks, such as building expo stands. When packing things at the storehouse for the next expo, it is good to take a break and sit on Salli for a while, says Hanna Ojutkangas. Picture: Tero Ikäheimonen.

Employer, offer your staff the best

Wellbeing at work is the sum of many things and work ergonomics is a very important part of this whole. Prevention is the word of the day, but often companies only invest in ergonomics when employees are already suffering from RSI because of working at unergonomic work stations. Contour Design and Salli work together to help employees to work more ergonomically and thereby reduce sick leaves.
– We wish that the New Year would bring changes to the workplace, and make employers proactive in promoting wellbeing at work, instead of only reacting when problems occur, Joonas and Matti say hopefully.

Ergonomic workstations and devices are also a competitive asset for the employer when trying to attract the best employees.
– It is very important to work with the right tools. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide the employees with tools that do not cause pain and which the employees really want to use, reminds Matti.

Further information on Contour products

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