Keep those energy levels high and the brain alert by sitting correctly!
Keep those energy levels high and the brain alert by sitting correctly!

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Back to school and office – treat yourself to a new small Salli Saddle Chair

Now Salli makes coming back to work and school after summer easier than ever before. The new small models Salli Small SwingFit and Salli Small MultiAdjuster make sure that everybody can find an original Salli Saddle Chair that is suitable for them. The new leather-upholstered models are made in Finland, and have a 10-year warranty.

Employers want positive, creative employees with a lot of energy, few sick leaves and good results. With Salli you can optimize the working environment. A good posture has a major impact on our health, physique, energy and wellbeing.

How you sit makes a big difference, and it is essential to adopt the right sitting position already on the first grade. With Salli furniture children can sit in the optimal position all the time, and the swinging seats are a good way to use some of that extra energy. You don’t have to sit still in the classroom on a Salli Saddle Chair! The new small models are optimal for children, both at school and at home when doing homework.

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Stylish looks and unquestionable health factors

Many spend a large part of the day sitting in the conventional way. The big back muscles are in an over-extended position that makes them weak. On Salli, however, you sit in a balanced, vertical position and strengthen the back and leg muscles while sitting and working.

On Salli you sit with 135 degree angles in the knees and hips. The pelvis is tilted forward, in the same way as when standing, and back muscles are relaxed. There is no uncomfortable pressure in the genital area on the two-part seat, and thus no need to round the back.

The dynamic seats of Salli’s Swing models adapt to your movements and make adding movement and exercise into your day easy and fun.

Welcome to meet our team of sitting experts at stand 7k90 at Habitare interior, design and furniture fair in Helsinki, Finland, 11.-15.9.2019! Come and test the new small models and see for yourself how comfortable ergonomic sitting can be!


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Salli Systems is the leading manufacturer of saddle chairs in the world. The Finnish company has been developing the optimum sitting concept since 1990, and holds now two worldwide patents. Salli’s invention, the two-part saddle chair that has an active seat, solves the classic problem of how to sit without disturbing one’s circulation and metabolism and thus one’s health and productivity. Salli Systems produces saddle chairs, electrically adjustable tables, and accessories; the products are exported to more than 60 countries.

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Maija korpi

Maija korpi

Key Account Manager, Finland; Physiotherapist +358 50 303 2818

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