Salming HQ team and hockey legend Börje Salming.
Salming HQ team and hockey legend Börje Salming.

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Teamwork at Salming will make the company grow stronger

The roster of Salming Sports includes new additions as well as familiar faces with many years of experience within the company. Common, regardless of background with the sports company, is everyone’s dedication to face the challenges and opportunities to make the company grow stronger. No one will or can do it alone, thus the team effort will be crucial to make it work.

"Our most important brand assets are our employees. We invest to create a winning and inclusive culture worthy of the man who shaped our brand values - Mr Börje Salming”, says newly appointed CEO Joakim Sandin, who has been with the company for 10 years.

The hockey legend Börje Salming recently came to Gothenburg to participate at this year’s kick-off. A day to gather the Salming HQ team, set the direction and strategy for the challenges ahead.

Convinced to possess the high in-house competence needed to develop top-level indoor shoes, floorball equipment and technical trail running shoes, Salming has an outspoken aim on achieving product leadership within its main range areas.

”We will continue to put out innovative, premium products which truly makes a difference for the athlete. Our reinforced creative team will forge the relationship tighter with the end consumer, increasing visibility in our natural environments. In locker rooms and winding trails, the No Nonsense spirit of Salming will grow even stronger”, says Marketing Manager Marcus Waltilla.


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Salming Sports AB

Salming Sports AB is a Swedish sporting goods company designing, developing and marketing high quality products for the Running, Handball, Floorball and Squash markets under its Salming brand. The company has its head-office in Sisjön, Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden.

The company’s Swedish wholesale partners include sporting goods retailers: Intersport, Stadium, Team Sportia, XXL and specialty retailers such as Runners Store, Klubbhuset and Assist. Salming Sports AB also exports products to some 60 countries and has its own subsidiaries in key markets such as Germany and the United States.

20 + employees, excluding retail personnel

Established 1991

Management: Joakim Sandin CEO, Marcus Waltilla Marketing Manager