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4C Strategies supports the Swedish Armed Forces in training 1200 participants from 24 countries in the Combined Joint Staff Exercise 2017 – Powered by Exonaut™

4C Strategies, the world’s premier readiness solution provider, supported the Swedish Armed Forces in delivering Combined Joint Staff Exercise 2017 (CJSE 17) that ended last week. CJSE 17 is one of the largest multi-national staff exercises in 2017.

“Planning and managing a distributed computer assisted exercise like CJSE is a very complex operation. That is why we rely on our exercise management system Exonaut™ to plan, deliver and track hundreds of scenario injects, as well as the training progression of the training audience. The system enables us to control the pace of the exercise and also serves as our exercise knowledge management database for future exercises” says Exercise Director, BG (ret) Bengt Axelsson.

4C Strategies supported the exercise with the Exonaut software as well as experienced consultants at all three exercise sites.

“The Observer, Tracker, Trainer and Monitoring Teams (OTTM) in the exercise makes sure that the training audience improve their capability as staff members in a multi-national staff. Mentoring 1 200 officers and civilians at three different sites is challenging and we wouldn’t be able to do that without the Exonaut™ system and the good support from 4C Strategies consultants” says Head of OTTM Naval Staff, Captain US Navy (ret) Daniel Lynch.

CJSE is a reoccurring exercise that aims to enhance staff member’s ability to serve in a multinational staff in a peacekeeping operation. Every fourth year CJSE is replaced with a VIKING exercise, the largest multi-national distributed civil-military exercise in the world. It facilitates a unique training opportunity for Armed Forces, International organisations and NGOs all over the world. Viking 2018 is also powered by Exonaut and 4C Strategies.

About 4C Strategies

4C Strategies are recognised as one of the world’s most innovative providers of readiness management solutions. Our customised solutions leverage the best of our expertise and innovation to support clients in achieving end-to-end Readiness through the development of robust and effective Training, Capability, Risk, Continuity and Crisis Management solutions.

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Om 4C Strategies

4C Strategies är en av världens mest innovativa leverantörer av lösningar för risk- och krishantering. Våra kundanpassade lösningar kombinerar det bästa av expertis och innovation för att våra kunder ska kunna hantera såväl väntade som oväntade händelser. Vi integrerar riskhantering, kontinuitetshantering, incident- och krishantering samt revisions- och granskningsverksamhet med övning och träning för att säkerställa att våra kunder har rätt förmåga och beredskap för det oväntade. På så vis får våra kunder bättre förutsättningar att nå sina strategiska och operativa mål.