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Radio Sound Snob - promise you won't hear a thing!

Radio Sound Collection

The Radio Sound Collection comes with a story from the north of Norway. Lofoten is well known for many things. but this story is about one man and his work in Henningsvær. Sverre A. Larsen ran a work/shop where he fixed radios and sonar detectors for the fishermen. He also had a store where he sold the latest and greatest of radios, stereos and televisions.

Mr. Sverre Larsen has left many good memories of his person and work here. His brother and the family have, thank goodness, kept the workshop almost exactly as it was when it closed over 30 years ago – including all the little radioparts.

Feeling fortunate and thankful to move into the old workshop, Catrine carefully transformed the radio repair shop into a jewelry work/shop. The original workbench still in place as well as almost no changes made, the room is oozing of craftmanship and the feel good environment lives on. To give back and to honor all of this Catrine has designed a Radio Sound Collection inspired and made from old radio parts she found right here.

The Radio Sound Collection is an omnigender collection for all folks interrested in good sound, chunky, massive and original pieces of custom made jewerly. The Radio Sound Collection jewelry is made of solid 925 Sterling silver or Bronze. Omnigender. The collection has five different pieces in design of ring, neckless and bracelet. 1500 Volts on one side and Alter on the other side.Some days we need more resistance, right? Or do yoiu feel more like bringing out our alter ego?  Enjoy! & Listen to the Radio!


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925 Catrine Linder is all about local production and global responsibility - Be conscious of who you are & make a statement! With hope for a long lasting relationship developed with love, grace and a gorgeous patina!


Catrine Linder Sandberg

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