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Breakthrough in green software technology enables 134 million contacts in a mobile phone

LULEÅ and STOCKHOLM, Sweden, and TOKYO, Japan, November 6, 2008 - Today Oricane presents a contact database application for mobile phones storing over 134 million name and number entries in a HTC Touch Pro mobile phone. The application has been developed by Oricane in only 4 weeks and is built on Oricane's BioDEX mobile, a patented solution for compressing, storing and searching information in mobile phones and other small devices.

For comparison and demonstration purposes, Oricane also shows a contact database application, storing the same information as in the mobile phone, built on a leading database application running on an Intel® Dual-Core Technology empowered PC.

"We let people select a name from one of 270 thousand pages of names on the PC and then search for the phone number both on the PC and on the mobile phone. How else can we show that we have over 134 million entries in the mobile phone?", says Mikael Sundström, Chief Executive Officer of Oricane.

Fredrik Kallioniemi, Chief Marketing Officer at Oricane, is presenting Oricane today at the "Mobile Communications: Future services and business models" conference in TOKYO, Japan.

"People here in Tokyo are stunned when they experience similar or better search times, typically 50-70 milliseconds, in a mobile phone compared to a PC, which is at least 10 times more powerful.", says Fredrik Kallioniemi.

Members of Oricane's Algorithm Design Team peforms the same demonstration in STOCKHOLM, Sweden, today at an exhibit organized at "Mobilgalan", where Oricane is nominated to the Golden mobile award in the category of "Mobile technology of the year".

Oricane is a pioneer in green software technology that will make the future growth and evolution of tomorrow's Internet become more environmentally friendly. Because the fact remains, internet today uses more than 5% of the total electric power production in the world and has a yearly growth of 50-60%.

Oricane's technology is based on patented energy saving algorithms that makes decision processes in software, for example packet classification and packet forwarding, more efficient.

Oricane´s flagship product, BioCAM is an innovative solution to well known addressing scalability issues in the core Internet. Internet infrastructure is rationalized, bringing significant lowered costs and reduced power consumption by 75-95% depending on application.

BioCAM is also available in a mobile edition, which is an energy saving IT-security software solution designed for tomorrow´s mobile surfers that request not only a firewall when surfing but also an environmentally engaged operator and increased battery life time in the mobile device. When fully deployed in today's Internet (IPv4) BioCAM reduces the total power consumption by more than 148 GWh, corresponding to 88,000 metric tons of CO2. Estimations for a full deployment in tomorrows Internet (IPv6) and 128-bit addresses, shows a reduction of emission exceeding 326 million metric tons of CO2, corresponding to emissions from more than 200 coal-fired power plants.

Whereas BioCAM adresses energy efficiency issues when transporting information through the network, the new BioDEX product adresses energy efficiency when information is stored an searched, for example in data centers where considerable power consumption issues, both in terms of costs and technical problems, exists today.

Mikael Sundström, Chief Executive Officer, +46 70 730 3811


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