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People of Lava: ”Google TV confirms our path”

Yesterday evening, Swedish time, Thursday the 20th of May 2010, Google showed its coming concept, the Android-based Google TV, at the Google I/O event at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, USA. The Swedish company, People of Lava who is already up and running with the construction of their Android-TV ”Scandinavia” applauds today’s event.

It is of course a challenge for a small TV-manufacturer in the premium range to set out to launch a whole new kind of integrated product and experience. I see today’s events as a confirmation that we did the right thing to dare to press ahead, says Christian Svantesson, Managing Director of People of Lava.

People of Lava’s strategy is based on the assumption that the TV will transform from just a source of passive entertainment to an interactive ”Window to the world” - which is also the company’s vision, and the focus of all current development currently taking place in the company.

It was early April 2010 that People of Lava introduced their interactive TV ”Scandinavia”, the world’s first Android-based TV. The TV is built in People of Lava’s own production facility in Stenungsund, outside of Gothenburg, on the Swedish West coast. Google’s, Sony’s and Intel’s commonly developed product looks like it will become the second Android-TV on the market, and others are sure to follow.

The more Android-based TVs on the market, the better. This would mean that the development of Apps, adapted for the TV will get a boost, and more Apps will become available. And what’s good for the customers is good for us. We can already offer a number of Apps that we think will give our customers the most instant benefit, such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, an open Web-browser etc. And our App-store, which is already up and running, offers more Apps, ready to be downloaded, says Mathias Adolfsson, Chief Technical Officer at People of Lava.

Google TV appears to be based on the same assumption behind People of Lava’s ”Scandinavia” - that a modern TV should offer both the traditional TV-world, and the Web.

The fact that we and others can create new Apps for our customers, actually gives our customers a product that ”comes alive”, and will continue to evolve with the customers, in the direction of their own choice. Choice is so central here. Not dictating, but giving options.  We see this as a great start towards our vision of a ”Window to the world” - giving our customers the standing option to choose not only what they want to see or do, but also when, says Martin Ljunggren, Chief Marketing Officer at People of Lava.

For more information, pictures, and an invitation to test-drive the Scandinavia-TV, please contact:
Martin Ljunggren, Chief Marketing Officer, People of Lava, phone : +46-70-745 28 07,

Scandinavia image bank:

People of Lava videos, including real footage of the Scandinavia interface:



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People of Lava in brief:

With the vision of a ”Window to the world”, the Swedish home electronics manufacturer People of Lava aims to make products that add to the joy and practicalities of everyday life, and opens new views. Today, People of Lava are world leaders in combining the TV-experience with the connected/interactive experience, being the first in the world to launch an Android-TV in April, 2010.
People of Lava are also the world leaders in motorized/remote controlled accessories, such as remote controlled wall mounts, table stands, floor stands and TV-lifts - with their ”mMotion”-series of products, sold word-wide. 
The name ”People of Lava” refers to the company’s most valued resource - the People who work every day to develop new ideas and try to create small wonders. But the ”People” are not just the employees, the ”People” are all those who choose to become involved in the brand in one way of another, by selling the products, or even representing the brand and taking the products home, making them a part of everyday life. 


Rebecca Hedberg

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