Terms of Use

Version 2016-09-15

These terms of use (the Terms of Use) apply to Mynewsdesk AB’s, (we, us or our), corporate registration number 556634-1276, at the address Rosenlundsgatan 40, 118 53 Stockholm, provision of services to you (the Services). By using the Services you approve these Terms of Use.

1. The Services

The Services make it possible for you to share, search for and subscribe to information and material, including images, films, texts and music (the Content) that our customers (our Customers) provide via the Services.

We are constantly working to develop and improve our services and may therefore occasionally need to change their content or design. Therefore, we reserve the right to make changes in the Services to the extent that we find appropriate. 

2. Access to the Services

We safeguard our services and it is important to us that they can be used securely and safely. The Services are therefore only to be used by you. You must also protect the password to your user account with us, including by:
  • protecting computers, tablets, telephones or other devices where your password is stored or used;
  • choosing a password that is not easy to work out; and
  • keeping the password secret and not listing it anywhere where it could be connected to the user account.

If you suspect that an unauthorised person has gained access to your password or user account, you must inform us immediately.

We also reserve the right to close your access to the Services at any time if we consider that you are in breach of the Terms of Use or that there is a security risk at hand.

3. Use of the Services

The Services may only be used in accordance with the Terms of Use and the instructions that we may send you from time to time, such as information via the Services or direct messages to you. The Services may of course also only be used in accordance with applicable law and otherwise in an appropriate manner. This means that you must not for example use the Services in any way that means that you
  • commit a criminal act;
  • slander, defame, persecute, discriminate against (with regard to e.g. race, skin colour, nationality or ethnic origin, religious belief, sexual orientation, disability or illness), threaten or in any other way violate another person or his or her rights;
  • use the Services to distribute material that is inappropriate, vulgar, offensive, dishonest, unsuitable, racist, pornographic or sexist;
  • use the Services to distribute material that you do not have the right to transfer according to law or because of an agreement or obligation of loyalty (such as trade secrets, insider information or confidential information);
  • send, or allow to be sent, unordered advertising such as spam;
  • copy or change software that is included in our services or attempt to gain access to the source code of such software, for example through reverse engineering, decryption or decompiling;
  • expose our services to damaging program codes, allow a “bot” or other automated process to interact with our services or otherwise attempt to hinder or disrupt the services or gain unauthorised access to the services;
  • claim to be anyone else or in any other way give a false description of your connection with another person or organisation;
  • are in breach of applicable personal data legislation; or
  • infringe, assist in infringing or enable others to infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, neighbouring rights, registered or unregistered design protection or other intellectual property rights.

We ask you to note that your obligation to only use the Services in accordance with intellectual property legislation means that you must analyse and critically assess according to which rights or what licence you have access to the Content before you share or in any other way use it. You must also ensure that the material you publish yourself via the Services, such as by input into a comments field, does not infringe the rights of others.

We reserve the right to, at any time and without prior notice thereof to you, delete your publications if we assess them to be in breach of the Terms of Use.

4. Accessibility and security

We do our utmost to keep our services accessible, secure and fault-free. However, by its nature a great deal of the content of the Services is created by our users and the Services are therefore, like most internet-based services, exposed to various security risks etc. You are therefore aware and accept that maintenance, upgrades, bugs and other planned or unplanned causes or circumstances can lead to interruptions to or faults in the Services. You are also aware and accept that the use of the Services involves a certain risk that you may be exposed to offensive or incorrect material (including damaging files), spam, password theft, persecution, forgery and unauthorised data access.

5. Support service

Should any questions arise about the use of the Services, you are welcome to contact our support service. Contact information and opening hours of the support service may be found on our website.

6. Breach of the Terms of Use

We are confident that you will handle our services in accordance with the Terms of Use. However, should you be in breach of the Terms of Use and this results in us suffering or being exposed to claims, loss, damages, costs or expenses (including reasonable legal costs), you must compensate us for this loss.

7. Limitation of liability etc.

Except for any legal responsibility that we cannot exclude in law (such as mandatory product liability, personal injury or death), we are not liable for loss of income, profits and savings, loss of contracts, loss of production, loss of goodwill, loss of data or other information, claims by third parties, loss that was not foreseeable to neither you nor us when the contract was formed, loss that was not caused by any breach on our part, business loss, loss to non-consumers or any other indirect loss.

At the current state of the art, data communication over the internet cannot be ensured to work free of faults or to be available at any time. Insofar, we are not liable for the permanent and uninterrupted availability of our Services or any other loss or outcome arising from any of the situations, including lack of accessibility and security, interruptions, risks and faults, referenced in Section 4.

With regards to Content, we do not guarantee that Content that is provided by third parties is correct, reliable, complete or lawful and we are not liable for any damage or loss related to defects in the Content. We do not normally review the Content that is provided by our Customers.

8. Third-party services and third-party content

Your access to the Services may be dependent on services that are provided by third parties (such as internet connection and mobile telephone services). We are not responsible for such services or consequences of errors or delays in such services.

The Services may contain material created by a third party, including links to websites or services that are provided by third parties. We are not responsible for such material, the content of such websites or goods and services offered in this way.

9. Force Majeure

Neither you nor we are responsible for faults or delay in the fulfilment of undertakings according to the Terms of Use if such faults or delays are caused by reasons or circumstances that cannot be controlled (including but not limited to interruption or fault in the internet or network, telecommunications, electricity supply or other infrastructure, general labour conflicts, war, fire, lightning strike, terrorist attack, changes in the regulations of the authorities or faults or delays in services from sub-contractors because of any of these circumstances).

10. Intellectual property rights

All intellectual property rights relating to us, our website and our services, such as patents, design patents, design and pattern rights, copyright, neighbouring rights, moral rights, trade secrets and know-how, rights to databases, trademarks, company names, rights according to marketing legislation and all other intellectual property rights, in all cases regardless of whether registered or registrable, and all applications for registration of any of the above-named rights as well as the right to apply for these, and all rights and forms of protection of a similar character or that have a similar effect as these anywhere in the world, are and remain our or our licence providers’ property. Use of the Services does not in any way represent a transfer or assignment of such intellectual property rights to you.

11. Personal data

We safeguard your personal integrity and aim to always protect your personal data in the best way possible. Therefore, you can find complete information on how we handle personal data in our Privacy Policy * which constitute the basis for our data processing and forms part of these Terms of Use.

(*Updated link to revised Privacy Policy as of April 24, 2018)

12. Messages

You are welcome to contact us by post to Mynewsdesk AB, Rosenlundsgatan 40, 118 53 Stockholm, or by e-mail to support@mynewsdesk.com.

If we need to contact you, we will do so to the postal address or e-mail address that you have provided us with.

13. Changes to the Terms of Use

We may change the Terms of Use, but we will of course inform you if we do this. Any changes in the Terms of Use come into force one month after we have informed you thereof.

14. Transfer of the Services

We can, in full or in part, transfer the provision of the Services to another company in the same group as us. All rights and obligations that apply between you and us will then instead apply between you and the company that takes over the Services.

15. Duration of agreement

Both you and we can terminate our contractual relation at any time by informing the other. In your case, you can also simply close your user account. When the contractual relation between us ceases, we will close your user account and you will no longer be entitled to use the Services.

16. Applicable law and disputes

The Terms of Use and the relationship between you and us will, unless otherwise stipulated in mandatory applicable law, be interpreted and applied in accordance with Swedish law. Disputes arising from the Terms of Use or the relationship between you and us will, unless otherwise stipulated in mandatory applicable law, be decided by the general courts, with Stockholm District Court as the first instance. If you are a consumer, you also have the right to refer the matter to the court of your domicile.