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AcandoFrontec announces share repurchase program

In accordance with the authorization issued by the Annual General Meeting on April 27, the Board of Directors of AcandoFrontec has decided to repurchase a maximum of 420,000 of the company’s outstanding Class B shares. The repurchases will be made on Stockholmsbörsen at a price within the registered share price interval at any given time, which refers to the interval between the highest bid price and lowest asking price. The purpose of these repurchases is to facilitate the incentive program that will be offered to around 60 key employees of the Group. This program consists of a combination of share purchases and employee stock options. AcandoFrontec currently does not own any of its own shares. The repurchase begins on May 8. For more information, please contact Per Killiner, Executive Vice President & CFO telephone +46 708 90 30 35 Jan Rehn, Director of Communications and Investor Relations telephone +46 31 345 32 43 Ticker: AFAB AcandoFrontec is an international consulting company in performance improvements, enterprise systems and IT, which identifies and implements improvements through information technology. AcandoFrontec achieves measurable results by enhancing processes, organizations and IT solutions, so that they strengthen the customer’s business operations. AcandoFrontec’s job is to grasp the entirety of the customer’s business and ensure that every assignment produces quick, measurable gains. A broad-based customer roster includes companies both large and small as well as public organizations. AcandoFrontec’s most important partners are SAP, Microsoft and IBM. AcandoFrontec has just over 1,000 employees in northern Europe. AcandoFrontec is listed on Stockholmsbörsen’s O-list under the ticker symbol AFAB.


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