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Adtollo releases EspaCity adapter for Topocad

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Adtollo releases EspaCity adapter for Topocad

EspaCity is a well-known stereophotogrammetry application from ESPA Systems in Finland. Now does Adtollo release Topocad with an adapter to EspaCity.

“With this adapter to EspaCity we get a user-friendly and effective tool to digitize threedimensional data direct to Topocad. EspaCity is a well-known, well supported end developed system from Finland and it has been easy to co-operate with them to make this adapter between our Topocad to their EspaCity”, says Tomas Sandstrom, business area manager at Adtollo.

Topocads adapter to EspaCity relieves for everyone that has a need for digitizing in 3D and where you need a full system to handle drawings and maps. Topocad is a system CAD and GIS system for creating and editing and working with maps in 3D. Together with EspaCity there are now an easy way to create and edit the map in three dimensions.

“An advantage for many of our users is that they now can use less CAD systems for working with their maps. Topocad has many functions in the CAD for map editing and usage, from survey, database adapters, civil planning and design totally integrated and with this important step there are also the option to digitize in 3D, which reduces the amount of other applications in our users system portfolio”, says Tomas Sandström.

The connection between Topocad and EspaCity works both-ways. Objects in Topocad can be transferred to EspaCity and vice versa. Panning in EspaCity makes the same in Topocad. Open a map in Topocad from the database opens the same view in EspaCity. Selection of objects in EspaCity selects objects in Topocad.



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Tomas Sandström

Tomas Sandström

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Anja Jonasson

Anja Jonasson

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