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Delphi advisor when Industrifonden invests in Pastry Sweden AB

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Delphi advisor when Industrifonden invests in Pastry Sweden AB

Delphi has been legal advisor to Stiftelsen Industrifonden in respect of investment in Pastry Sweden AB, which among other things operates SkickaTårta.se, a service to order and send freshly baked cakes and other pastries over the internet. The investment will help fund the company's ongoing expansion in Poland and Germany.

Delphi's team was led by Anders Jemail (partner in charge), Micael Karlsson, Therese Jönsson and Angelica Lundqvist.

Anders Jemail
Ph. +46 709 25 26 07
email: anders.jemail@delphi.se




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Stefan Erhag

Stefan Erhag

Presskontakt Executive Partner +46 709 25 25 48
Frida Rydin

Frida Rydin

Presskontakt Vice VD +46 709 25 25 07

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