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Delphi and MAQS in real estate transaction

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Delphi and MAQS in real estate transaction

Delphi has assisted Charter Invest BV, previously called Charter Real Estate BV, and its Swedish project company Swedish Commercial Development AB, in acquiring shares in the real estate company Fastighets AB Virsbo 2. The acquisition was made in the form of a joint venture together with RM Estate Projekt AB. RM Estate Projekt AB was assisted by MAQS Law Firm.

Charter Invest BV manages investment funds and since 2006 the company invests in commercial
real estate primarily in the Netherlands and Sweden. Together with its Swedish cooperation partners and using Charter Invest’s competence, know-how and experience, Charter Invest BV has become a rapidly growing actor on the Swedish real estate market. RM Estate Projekt AB in its turn is a company within the RM Group which is active in real estate development and management services for property owners. RM is leading in real estate development of commercial properties in the Stockholm region.

Charter Invest BV and RM Estate Projekt AB have entered into a cooperation agreement under which RM Estate is charged with identifying, developing and selling commercial properties at the request of Swedish Commercial Development Fund, a real estate fund established by Charter Invest. The aim of the fund is to invest SEK 500 million in commercial properties in Sweden. The acquisition of Fastighets AB Virsbo 2 is the first investment made by the fund in Sweden.

Delphi’s team was led by Rolf Karlsson, partner of Delphi’s property group and Vilhelm Nyström, partner of Delphi’s M&A group. The team also consisted of Fredrik Jorstadius (M&A) and Matthias Johansson (property).

MAQS’ team was led by Christian Johard of MAQS’ property group in Stockholm. The rest of the team consisted of Victor Holmberg (property) and Ebba Backlund (corporate law).

Rolf Karlsson
Ph. +46 709 25 25 53
email: rolf.karlsson@delphi.se

Christian Johard
Ph. +46 734 17 62 26
email: christian.johard@se.maqs.com




Delphi is one of the foremost commercial law firms in Sweden. We help our clients with mergers and acquisitions. We advise them on matters of banking, finance and capital markets. We litigate at court and in arbitration and are acknowledged as being extremely competent in public procurement and environmental law.

Many of us are specialists in high-tech fields such as IT, intellectual property and life science. Our drive and our interest in technology and business probably explain, in part, our success. We are often praised for our commercial sense and our ability to understand the client’s business.  

Our clients are to be found primarily in Scandinavia, Europe and North America. But we also co-operate with law firms globally and regularly assist clients on international matters. We have a total workforce of 190, of which 140 are lawyers. We have offices in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Linköping and Norrköping.



Stefan Erhag

Stefan Erhag

Presskontakt Executive Partner +46 709 25 25 48
Frida Rydin

Frida Rydin

Presskontakt Vice VD +46 709 25 25 07

Delphi är en av de främsta affärsjuridiska byråerna i Sverige

Advokatfirman Delphi är en progressiv affärsjuridisk advokatbyrå med erkända specialister inom de flesta av affärsjuridikens områden. Vi är totalt cirka 200 medarbetare, varav ungefär 150 jurister. Våra kontor finns i Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö och Linköping.

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