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AIFM Group to launch new fund – “Tenoris One.”

AIFM Group has announced the launch of a new fund, Tenoris One. The fund will be distinctively diversified by investing in a broad range of assets and will aim to offer investors an unwavering rate of return at a lower risk level than that of a typical mutual fund.

The fund diversifies through exposure to a mix of assets and geographical markets that do not necessarily correlate with the stock market or each other. The portfolio may include gold and silver, industrial metals, and also agricultural assets like cacao and soybeans.

Tenoris One portfolio manager Henric Nordin sees the fund as an attractive investment for those who are not satisfied with the current alternatives on the market and who may be looking to lower their exposure to the stock market. “Given the present low interest-rate environment, it’s not always easy to identify solid investment opportunities outside of the stock market,” says Nordin:

“I think this year has shown us all that when a storm is hitting the markets, it is not easy to be diversified enough. With Tenoris One we hope to change that. Tenoris One can help to achieve what we call true diversification.”

Tenoris One will be managed in accordance to all applicable Swedish and EU financial regulations by AIFM Capital AB, a subsidiary of AIFM Group. When the fund is launched, it will be available on major investments platforms in Sweden.

AIFM Group is a Sweden-based independent fund company offering a fully compliant, comprehensive infrastructure for portfolio managers and investment professionals looking to set up Swedish domiciled funds. In addition to housing several AIF- and UCITS- funds, AIFM also delivers premier risk management, administration, valuation, and accounting services to fund companies and financial institutions across Europe.

For more information about AIFM Group, visit or contact Jared Fein at or +46 73-537 44 52.

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