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After some old-fashioned bureaucracy, including publicus notarius, Aigine is finally officially an international company group.

We will be serving Norwegian customers through Aigine AS which have signed an agreement with Arrow, the largest distributor in the world.

Arrow Norway has an exceptional competence in information security and we are thrilled to work with their two most senior experts, Eirik Gulbrandsen and Mohammed Benzaim.

Although Norway is not an EU-member they have implemented GDPR in the national legislation by copy-paste, putting Norwegian organization in the same situation as all other European countries.

The challenge with unstructured personal data must be solved, to eliminate risks, and provide competitive advantages by data driven innovation.


  • Data, Telecom, IT

Aigine, the company, owns and commercialize the Aigine solution and products surrounding big data discovery and classification using collaborative cognitive learning and artificial intelligence on a global market. 

Aigine as a software is a pre-packaged solution containing software from IBM, Elinar and Aigine. We are keen on you getting started as soon as possible so the local installation will only take a couple of hours. Because we think it is more important that you use your time to handle your unstructured personal data, instead of governing a complex IT-project. Aigine is provided through IBM’s vendor network world wide.