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We are thrilled to announce our presence at the conference of the year, IBM Think in San Francisco 12-15 February.

Privacy is a (surprisingly) new challenge, and we are proud to have been invited as speakers, bringing European insights and solutions across the Atlantic ocean.

Don´t miss when we talk GDPR and European challenges, what to expect from US legislation and collaborative cognitive learning – the future of narrow AI.
Session number : 2180
Title : How a Swedish Municipality Met Strict Privacy Regulations with AI
Date and Time: Wed, 13-Feb, 03:30 PM – 04:10 PM
Location: St. Regis Hotel – Collections

Already booked that time? No problem, we will also be present at the IBM Privacy booth, ready to answer any of your questions.

Want to have a sit down? Book us for an executive meeting in the IBM Think app.

Does Think 2019 sounds like the place to be? Send us a line, we have some free passes to share and would love your company.


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Aigine, the company, owns and commercialize the Aigine solution and products surrounding big data discovery and classification using collaborative cognitive learning and artificial intelligence on a global market. 

Aigine as a software is a pre-packaged solution containing software from IBM, Elinar and Aigine. We are keen on you getting started as soon as possible so the local installation will only take a couple of hours. Because we think it is more important that you use your time to handle your unstructured personal data, instead of governing a complex IT-project. Aigine is provided through IBM’s vendor network world wide.