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Airsonett attracted great interest at EAACI Istanbul

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Airsonett attracted great interest at EAACI Istanbul

The annual EAACI Congress (European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology), which is the most important event of the year for the ones interested in allergy and allergic diseases, concluded in Istanbul on June 15.

The congress was attended by 8000 allergists, clinicians, researchers, academics and professionals from around the world. Congress delegates were there to get information on the latest developments in allergy, exchange ideas and update their knowledge

In Airsonett's booth the delegates were offered to put themselves in one of four beds and try Protexo. They were given a demonstration of how Protexo creates an ultra-clean air zone above the patient, and to see a short film about Protexo and the TLA* technology via an iPad. The Protexo film is available on our website www.airsonett.com on Asthma and Our product - Product Media

Airsonett also arranged a seminar on June 12 headed by Prof. Ulrich Wahn Dept. for Ped. Pneumology and Immunology at Charite, Berlin, Germany with the title: “Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow - The first ever evidence based non-pharmaceutical homecare treatment for asthma - who will benefit most?

Results of the multi-national 4A study, which investigated the clinical effectiveness of TLA* for patients with allergic asthma, was discussed. The topics on the agenda presented to the international audience were:
“Allergen avoidance versus exposure control”
by Prof. Adnan Custovic, University Hospital of South Manchester, UK

“Effects of TLA treatment on Quality of life” 
by Prof. Ronald Dahl, Aarhus Unversity Hospital, Denmark

“Effective exposure control modifies allergic airway disease” 
by Prof. John O Warner, FMedSci, Imperial College, UK

 “TLA in clinical practice”
by Dr Christophe Pedroletti, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

*TLA = Temperature controlled Laminar Airflow

For more information, please contact:
Peter Ekolind, CEO, Airsonett AB,
Phone: +46 (0)431 402539, e-mail peter.ekolind@airsonett.com


Airsonett AB is a research based medical technology company with a unique technology pioneering the development of non-pharmaceutical treatment of asthma.

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