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Aitellu and Resultatfabriken Consulting Signs Strategic Partnership Agreement

Resultatfabriken's experience in strategic services around customer insight, digital and social media business transition as well as business development, complements Aitellu’s software solution for insight analytics of consumer and customer behaviour, brand management and quality insight.

- A system by itself won’t get you insight. It needs to be implemented and used in the right way, by the right people and in the right processes. For many organisations this is a problem, so having a partner like Resultatfabriken to support our customers is a welcome addition to our offer, says Daniel di Benedetto, Vice President and Head of Sales at Aitellu and continues.

- Through this alliance, we further clarify and strengthen our offer to partners looking for support to meet the many challenges in a new much more complex digital era.

Together, Aitellu and Resultatfabriken will have a complete offer in turning complex data into business insights to help customers to solidify and continually strengthen their market position.

- We are only in the first stages of understanding how big data insights can and will influence how we make business decisions. With a partner like Aitellu, we look forward to staying in the forefront of this strategically disruptive change, says Johan Kjörk, managing partner of Resultatfabriken Consulting.


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