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World in focus in Lights in Alingsås first meeting

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World in focus in Lights in Alingsås first meeting

Now they are here, the eight international lighting designers who have been awarded the job of lighting up the town of Alingsås during the Lights in Alingsås festival.

– It feels like 2016 is going to be a brilliant lighting year! says Angelica Larsson, one of the two project manager of Lights in Alingsås.

This weekend they participate in an initial meeting with representatives from Alingsås municipality, IALD (International Association of Lighting Designers), Alingsås Energy and the project organizers of Lights in Alingsås. The mission is to think about the theme of this year's festival and the route of the light trail.

– The quality of designers this year stands out – and they are aiming very high, says Angelica Larsson. But there are many questions to be discussed before the theme, and the route of the light trail, are finalized.

A big secret

The whole project team has been around and about in Alingsås. They are taking the chance to soak up the local atmosphere, and visit the town's attractive cafés and restaurants.

Behind closed doors earlier today the designers presented their ideas to each other and talked about how sound and light could be integrated to create the best possible effects for visitors. Which places would look best lit up, taking this year's theme into account? The answer remains to be decided.....

This year's lighting designers

The designers whose light installations will brighten up Alingsås this autumn are: Chiara Carucci, Italy, Carissa Brockway, USA, Debra Gilmore, USA, Erik Hagström, Sweden, Ignacio Valero, Spain, Jytte Basler, Germany, Sabine De Schutter, Belgium and Tad Trylski, England. All figure in the international world of lighting - and all of them are known in their own fields.

– We will participate in Frankfurt at Light+Building this spring. We´ll be networking, but also look for news on the market to bring back with us to Sweden to integrate in Lights in Alingsås workshop this autumn, says Margaretha Stenmark, the other project manager of Lights in Alingsås.

In 2014 the Lights in Alingsås festival made a three-year agreement with the international organization IALD, which has its head office in Chicago. The agreement stipulates that every year IALD will provide suggestions as to which lighting designers should be asked to contribute to the festival. This has meant a strengthening of the international perspective of the festival, which in turn has contributed to the enhanced position of Lights in Alingsås as an international arena and as a place for individuals to develop their skills.

– Now we can see the effect of the new agreement with IALD, says Kjell Hult, development manager at Alingsås municipality. Their extensive contacts with different lighting designers have raised the level of this autumn's festival even higher.

Please note: The attached PDF contains information about each of the lighting designers.
More info about background etc:

Theme for 2016

The theme for the lighting installations will be based on the UN's seventeen sustainable development goals. During the recent initial meeting discussions tackled the question of how this year's designers shall approach their assignment, creating light installations which attract visitors while maintaining high creative standards. The debate will continue for some time before the final decisions are reached.

However, it's already clear that this year sound will continue to enhance the light installations.

New agreement will attract more attention
In the last few days Lights in Alingsås has concluded yet another international agreement.This time it is with the monthly magazine Mondo Arc, whose readership includes lighting designers, architects, designers and the whole light industry.

– We are extremely proud that Mondo Arc is interested in the Lights in Alingsås festival, and of course we want to learn how this new development will allow us to attract even more public attention, says Anna Davidsson, business strategist at Alingsås municipality.

Representatives from both Mondo Arc and IALD will attend the autumn workshop, where the light installations will be created with the help of approximately 65 international students. These young people are expected to arrive in Alingsås at the end of September.

See you this autumn!
An exciting new year of creative lighting experiences has now begun. And we'll be able to enjoy the results during the whole of October!

Lights in Alingsås runs from 30 September to 6 November 2016

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About Lights in Alingsås

Every October since the year 2000, leading lighting designers have been invited to Alingsås to demonstrate their expertise. For five weeks, dar evenings and outdoor environments are turned into fascinating and exciting lighting installations. Cold, anonymous facades are transformed into warm and colorful spaces, forest lakes can get a whole new perspective, and these oases of light provide new attractive venues in the town.

Lights in Alingsås attracts more than 85 000 visitors every year and the urban lighting exhibition has become the largest lighting event in public spaces in Northern Europe. Lights in Alingsås is an important meeting point for lighting designers, students and professionals who work with light. The owner of the project is the municipality of Alingsås, who make the project possible through partners such as Sparbanken Alingsås, Alingsås Energi, FABS and Alingsåshem.

Exclusive mediapartners: Mondo Arc and Alingsås Tidning.

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