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Relocation of students from Tahrir square to Muhandiseen in Cairo

In the forerun of the Egyptian parliamentary elections, Tahrir square in Cairo witnessed new dramatic demonstrations during November 2011. Thousands of demonstrators, some calling for an Islamic state, others calling for a secular state, joined together demanding an immediate transferral of authorities from the military to a civil government. In addition, the demonstrators demanded public insight in the military budget. (Arabic news site ‘France 24’) In light of the events in Tahrir square, AMBergh’s students studying Arabic in Cairo were relocated from the Language Institute in the very vicinity of Tahrir to its other branch in Muhandiseen. Our student from Denmark reassured us of his well being: ‘Everything is fine here. I don’t think you will face any problem here as long as you stay away from Tahrir. (..) They have taken well care of me and I have no problems.’ Demonstrations have also taken place in Alexandria. In early December, AMBergh’s partner on site confirmed that the situation in Alexandria was calm: ‘No one expected that we would have elections so peaceful like that’. The situation in Luxor has remained calm. 'Here, People are not interested in politics as much as in Cairo or Alexandria and other places’,  according to the Manager of our partner Language Institute in Luxor.  AMBergh Education (http://www.arabic-studies.com/)


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