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April System Design brings DynaPass one-time passwords to the cloud

Stockholm, January 4 2010, The Swedish security software company April System Design today announced DynaPass OTP Services which enables their authentication solution to be delivered as a service. April introduced their patent protected one-time password solution DynaPass in 2000. Due to ease of installation and use, their SMS based two factor authentication solution is used to secure enterprise network access and online services in Europe, Middle East and the US. 

Going from static to dynamic passwords is a quick way to drastically increase security in any private network or online service. Such solutions often include a token device, are typically expensive to install and manage and require users to carry on yet another thing. DynaPass is a robust solution using SMS/TEXT on standard cell phones, quick to install since no software is needed on the phone and exceptionally easy to manage and use. It's a highly affordable way to get the advantages of dynamic or one-time passwords. 

"Clients in the financial industry, the health care sector and mobile operators have asked us to enable service providers to offer DynaPass authentication as a service to their internal or external customers", says Björn Karlsson, CEO April System Design. "These requests together with the massive cloud computing trend made us invest in a new DynaPass software platform which gives us the flexibility needed to support almost any authentication as a service request", continues Mr Karlsson. 

DynaPass OTP Services will be shipping in February 2010 but April System is already working with client implementations and establishing new partnerships. The pricing model used for DynaPass OTP Services is straight forward and based on the number of delivered passwords.

"The more we have discussed the trusted authentication service provider role with partners and clients, the more we believe this resource is vital and the number of transactions, ranging from application access to credit card transactions to secure, is huge", concludes Mr Karlsson.

For more information please contact Björn Karlsson, CEO April System Design, +46 8 5090 6125 or


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DynaPass® is a patented dynamic two-factor password solution  (US patent no 6,993,658). This off the shelf product use SMS/TEXT on mobile phones to deliver passwords according to centrally defined policies. With the new product DynaPass OTP Services the DynaPass functionality can be offered as an internal or external service and integrated with almost any application. DynaPass is developed by April System Design, a Swedish communication and security software company with more than 1 700 000 software licenses sold. For more information please visit


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