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Arbesko and Michelin presents their new collaboration during A+A trade fair

Pressmeddelande   •   Nov 05, 2019 07:45 CET

The Swedish shoemaker Arbesko and the French leading mobility company Michelin will present their new collaboration and two new safety shoes during A+A Trade Fair in Düsseldorf – the largest international fair regarding safety and security at work. The new safety shoes will be available in stores from February 2020 and as limited edition. 

Arbesko has been developing and producing high quality safety shoes for nearly two centuries. To offer even greater safety shoes with superior grip, the Swedish brand has decided to equip their shoes with Michelin soles. During A+A trade fair show in Düsseldorf November 5-8, Arbesko and Michelin will present their co-developed safety shoes called M1 and M2. These safety shoes are their first co-launch and a limited edition, but there is more to come.

M1 and M2 are lightweight and comfortable safety shoes with a specific non-slip design and equipped with Boa® Fit System for a perfect and high-performance fit. The safety shoes are oil-resistant and have antistatic properties. Perfect for those who work within the construction or manufacturing industry and need a lightweight safety shoe with a lot of comfort and great grip.

Both safety shoes are equipped with Michelin soles, inspired by Michelin tires, and therefore delivering grip, stability, self-cleaning and water evacuation. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use they also have a specially designed toe and heel area which offer greater durability.

Soles by MICHELIN use the same know-how and expertise used in Michelin tires, to create unique and engineered soles specifically designed for any differenmt uses. From electricians and mechanics to builders, rescue teams or chefs: soles by MICHELIN develop soles with a unique and innovative design, created for each brand partner.

Arbesko during A+A Trade Fair Show
Visit Arbesko in their booth B38 in hall 11 during A+A Trade Fair Show in Düsseldorf November 5-8, to know more about this new colloboration and experience the two new safety shoes M1 and M2.

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At Arbesko, we have been making shoes since 1839.  What started as one of Sweden’s first shoe wholesalers is now a company with sales both in and outside the Nordics. Production is based in Sweden’s only shoe factory – Arbesko Skofabrik - where we still today develop quality products for people who need to stay safe and comfortable in their working life. Since 2017, Arbeskois owned by the Swedish company Bergman & Beving. More information: /