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ARCCORE’s new Arctic Fusion prototype board with potential for ADAS development combines safety class AURIX and Treerunner processors

Gothenburg/Sweden, June 02, 2016 – ARCCORE has just introduced Arctic Fusion, a prototype board suitable for ADAS development. The board was developed in cooperation with a major OEM. The main purpose of Arctic Fusion and the joint project is to test new technologies and concepts needed for future active safety systems.

"Our prototype board Arctic Fusion means a paradigm shift regarding the increasing demands on ECU capacity," said Håkan Berglund, project manager at ARCCORE. "As we enter the future of automotive with connected and autonomous cars, the requirements on processing power will dramatically increase in the upcoming years. Our board can be extended by an NXP Treerunner processor and is well-equipped for future challenges."

The new ARCCORE prototype board Arctic Fusion has a modular build with a base processor board interfacing the vehicle containing an Aurix multicore processor (safety class). It offers 7 port BroadR-Reach Ethernet switches, 8 CAN channels, 6 LIN channels and 4 FlexRay channels and supports up to 8 digital IN, 8 analog IN, and 4 digital OUT interfaces as well as up to 8 camera input channels.

The expansion board, based on an NXP S32V234 (Treerunner) high capacity processing "number cruncher" processor, is aimed to process camera input and target object acquisition thus suitable for ADAS and functional safety.

Other potential customers, not related to the current project, have shown interest in the board, and larger scale production might be possible in the future.

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