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Peripheral neuropathy in Diabetes

This is a brief outline of the total report. The number of participants was 30, all of them diagnosed with diabetes and neuropathy for at least 3 mth, 19 in the treatment group, and 11 persons were treated with LED as the control group. To get more information contact Arch of Scandinavia AB for the Nordic region. 

Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) is a well know microvascular complication of type 2 diabetes mellitus, it is also observed in type 1 diabetes, and attributed to chronic persistent hyperglycaemia, and is defined as the prescience of peripheral nerve dysfunction in diabetes after the exclusion of other factors (Boulton et al, 1998, Summer et al, 2003, Candrilli et al, 2007, and Herman et al, 2005). DPN, due to lack of sensation to the peripheries, can lead to, infection, ulceration, and thus non-traumatic amputations. Neuropathic pain (NP) has been found to develop in 50% of the individuals suffering from DPN. NP is a persistent chronic pain (Bansal et al, 2014).

Test Group (n=19) Placebo Group (n=11)
Satisfied Neither Dissatisfied Satisfied Neither Dissatisfied
Endpoint 16 - 3 3 4 4
4 Wks Post 19 - - 3 8 -
3 Mths Post 18 1 - 5 5 1

In conclusion, the Erchonia® FX-635™ has proven efficacy in combating diabetic peripheral neuropathy and restoring the subjects of the study to a more expectable quality of life, in essence, the Erchonia® FX-635™ has restored nerve function and removed the necessity for complex pharmaceutical interventions. It is seen from the midterm follow-ups that the restorative effects of the cold laser therapy have the potential to have lasting beneficial results. None drug treatments in diabetes greatly improve the quality of life for the sufferer, as most medications have long-term toxic effects on the system and can add to an already complicated picture. This study presents the fact of a none invasive, none pharmacological, and none toxic approach to what is a growing problem in the diabetes population. As our obesity crisis spirals out of control, so to will the populations living with diabetes. Currently, in the European area there are in excess of sixty million people suffering from diabetes, this according to the World Health Organisation, is set to rise dramatically (WHO 2017). The same source estimates that some 51% of this population suffers from persistent neuropathic pain. The Erchonia® FX-635™ is well placed to be at the forefront of treating what is a growing problem, causing poor quality of life for the individuals who suffer from this debilitating condition compounding an already life-altering disease. 

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