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Pre-Diabetes Management, In obese patients using 532 nm laser to modify/correct the anticipated clinical outcomes

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Treatment method

  • 20 laser treatments over 10 weeks
  • The target area was the tummy, and the anterolateral flanks (love handles).
  • Each treatment lasted 40 minutes with 20 minutes per area treated and a 5 minute rest period between applications.
  • Patients were also put on a mild ketogenic diet and overseen by a dietitian.
  • Normal research protocols applied. 


The clinic where these patients were treated is also a research facility, so

information is consistently gathered. This information fuels research and

clinical case studies such as this one. Laser is the treatment of choice for pre-diabetes management, obesity management, and pain management.

Average BMI Average Height Average age Average weight
40 5’9’’ (175cm) 51 15 st (95kg)
41 5’9’’1/2 41 14 st 9Lbs (93kg)
Female Male Total
71 69 140

With laser and diet, at the end of the 10 weeks, only 1 person was still considered to be a diabetic risk

With diet alone, 6 people were considered to no longer be a diabetic risk.

  • Diabetes is and will continue to be a world issue unless we educate and inform.
  • Diabetes is not just about diet.
  • Is diabetes is both a psychosocial/psychological problem as well as a medical one?
  • Laser is a viable option to managing pre-diabetes .
  • Is there a new role for clinicians in the management of diabetes.
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