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It’s easy to identify furniture classics from the mid 20th century, but it’s considerably moredifficult to decide when more recent designs have become classics. Styles and trends in

furniture change more rapidly than ever before, and newness is the focus of both media and

consumers, not longevity. The Snow series by Asplund has managed to defy this by becoming

something very few furniture series can ever hope for; a modern classic in its own time.

Snow started life in 1993 under exceptionally Swedish circumstances; the need to create a

well designed quality furniture series that could provide employment and business for the

small furniture industry located near the Artic Circle. The task fell to Thomas Sandell and

Jonas Bohlin, two young creatives from a new generation, embracing traditional Swedish

design elements while also having an international outlook - and injecting a fresh sense of

humor into their designs.

The first collection was available in the colours rust red, cream, anthracite and the Bohlin

favourite purple blue, while the solid wood birch plinths spoke of Swedish forests. The

configurations of cabinet types remain much the same today, as the designers correctly

identified the users needs from the very start; various chests of drawers, desk units and glass

fronted bookshelves.

Asplund soon became the biggest buyer of the Snow cabinet series, so it was logical that by

1997 we also took over sales and distribution. Some colours have been added over the years

– white being an obvious one – and some other have been removed, but the Snow series

essentially remains just like Thomas Sandell and Jonas Bohlin intended it a quarter of a

century ago. Both men have since gone on to become institutions in the Swedish design and

architecture world.

Today the production takes place in the small town of Tibro in southern Sweden, a place with

a furniture making tradition stretching back to the mid 19th century. Tibro is close to our

customers and export points so it also makes environmental sense to reduce the transportation

distances. The production process is more streamlined than before as the sales volume has

continued to grow with each year, but Snow is still fundamentally a hand made product, made

to order.

The furniture series has a very loyal following; we have couples who bought their first Snow

cabinets when they set up home and started a family, returning again because their children

have outgrown their parental abode but still need good storage. This position of a beloved

classic has been further underlined by some endearing eatable reproductions; we have seen

Snow made into both sweet cakes and gingerbreads!

For the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2019, we are showing the very first Snow cabinet ever made,

some of the changing colours over the decades, and some brand new versions that we think

speak of 2019. What makes a classic remain pertinent is that it can adapt yet quintessentially

stay the same. One thing is for sure – the Snow series by Asplund still remains relevant 25

years on.



ASPLUND, grundat 1990, har en verksamhet som står på flera ben. I butiken samsas ASPLUNDs egna kollektionen med en blandning av världens främsta designmärken. För att säkerställa ett perfekt resultat, under etiska och miljövänliga förutsättningar, men även gynna den svenska möbelindustrin, tillverkas ASPLUNDs egna möbelkollektion i hjärtat av Tibro och Skillingaryd. Mattkollektionen tillverkas, sedan ca 17 år tillbaka, i Indien av ett familjeföretag som delar ASPLUNDs värderingar och krav på kvalitet och etik. Ytterligare en gren inom den växande verksamheten är specialanpassade inredningslösningar för privatpersoner och offentliga rum. 2014 lanserades även ASPLUNDs egna kök som utformas efter kundens behov.

Idag är ASPLUND ett internationellt uppmärksammat möbel- och inredningsföretag och butiken kan nästan klassas som en institution. Den egna produktionen finns representerad i hem, kontor och offentliga miljöer världen över.
Totalt har ASPLUND idag ca 200 återförsäljare över hela världen. ASPLUND visat världen att den svenska minimalismen kan vara varm och elegant. Med fokus på hållbarhet och noga utvalda material, som dessutom åldras med skönhet, och med hjälp av de mest välkända svenska och internationella formgivarna har ASPLUND skapat en egen signaturstil i tidlösa produkter av hög kvalitet - möbler som kan föras vidare i generationer.

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Sandra Adrian Asplund

Sandra Adrian Asplund

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furniture that leaves subtile traces in peoples lives

ASPLUND - one of the most prominent Scandinavian design companies founded in 1990 by brothers Michael and Thomas Asplund. Starting as a gallery, the company have transitioned into a one of a kind design institution. Many customers have described what makes ASPLUND different to other Nordic companies and that is that the Collection shows its own essence of Swedish functional and minimalistic style with an International elegance and a little touch of playfulness. The company consists of ASPLUND Collection (furniture and carpets assigned the ASPLUND brand), The ASPLUND Store (a high-end design store, were you can find both pieces from ASPLUND Collection among with other prominent design brands), ASPLUND KÖK (kitchen assigned the ASPLUND brand), ASPLUND Studio and ASPLUND Contract, which offer customized interior solutions for all types of projects.

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