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Assently, first to provide ”True Nordic eID” function

As many companies across the Nordic countries have document that needs to be e-signed between their business units and affiliations, market leading provider Assently has launched a new function that makes it easy to do so, using Multiple eIDs.

Today there are many companies working together and across borders within the Nordics, managing a lot of important business documents between them. Anything from customer agreements, power of attorneys, data processing agreements or annual reports. All of these documents needs to be signed by parties in different countries. Therefore, Assently’s solution enables Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish people to use their own electronic identification when signing the same document. Making the process even easier and more secure than before.

Multiple eIDs is easily activated in Assently’s Web Office and is available without charge for all customers on Team, Business and Enterprise subscription plans.*

*Pro-customers can use Multiple eIDs for two months without charge.



We deliver secure solutions for e-signing and identification to any business. We are always technologically up to date, ISO 270001-certified and trusted by companies in regulated sectors.


Linda Ahrgren

Linda Ahrgren

Presskontakt CEO

Säker elektronisk signering och legitimering för din verksamhet

Vi levererar säkra och smidiga lösningar för e-signering och e-identifiering till alla företag. Vi är alltid teknologiskt uppdaterade, ISO 270001-certifierade och betrodda av företag inom reglerade sektorer.

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