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A film crew, cameras and biosensors!

Recently a film crew visited the Attana office to prepare our participation on Terry Bradshaw’s “Today in America” show. Their research team had heard about our ground breaking cell based biosensor and asked us to participate on the show. The days before the filming were filled with intense preparation, and consequently on the day of shooting everything went smoothly. We had a great film crew, and it was very interesting to get insight into their workdays and imagine yourself in their stead. What would it be like to spend your days thinking about how the light should be adjusted, to have to pay attention to the tiny buzzing that is coming from the freezer in the other room, disturbing the sound uptake, to meet new people at every new set and see new things, new music videos, new technologies, new commercials. To strive to incorporate the vision of script writers and directors with your own knowledge of light and sound and angles.

It’s one thing to explain the action and the interactions on a surface in our biosensor to a fellow scientist and another to explain it to a film crew. I am sure that the same goes for the film team that need to explain their craft to every new and inexperienced person they meet. They endeavor to make their customer’s vision real while we are striving to meet the research needs of ours.

Two very different worlds came together, combined their very different tools and knowledge and created a better understanding of our technology. All of this in one day - impressive!


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Teodor Aastrup

Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer

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