Biosensors 2010 -20th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors

Tid 26 Maj 2010 – 28 Maj 2010

Plats Scottish Conference & Exhibition Centre (SECC) Glasgow, UK

KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden will present a poster using Attana technology! Poster Session 1 – Wednesday, 26 May 2001 Photo-click immobilization of carbohydrates on polymeric surfaces - A quick method to functionalize surfaces for biomolecular recognition studies. Authors: Oscar Norberg, L Deng, M Yan, O Ramström, KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, Portland State University, United States About Biosensors 2010 -20th Anniversary World Congress on Biosensors Biosensors 2010 is a three-day event consisting of daily plenary presentations followed by parallel sessions. In addition to invited lectures, selected oral contributions will be included as extended plenary presentations. Parallel sessions comprising a rigorously refereed selection of submitted papers describing original work will be structured as symposia covering the following topics: * Theranostics * Nanobiosensors, nanomaterials & nanoanalytical systems * Lab-on-a-chip * DNA chips & nucleic acid sensors * Immunosensors * Enzyme-based biosensors * Organism- and whole cell-based biosensors * Biofuel and biological fuel cells * Bioelectronics & bionics * Electronic nose technology * Natural & synthetic receptors * Signal transduction technology * Microfluidics & systems integration * Proteomics and single-cell analysis * Commercial developments, manufacturing and markets


  • antibody
  • biosensor
  • biotech
  • attana
  • attana 200
  • label free
  • qcm


Teodor Aastrup

Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer

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