Kinetics on cells - Come see Attana at PEGS!

Tid 4 Maj 2010 – 21 Maj 2010

Plats Sheraton Hotel in Boston Massachusetts USA

Label-free kinetics on cells, Analysis of molecules in crude samples, Phage and yeast display of antibodies - are just a few of the topics that Attana will touch upon during the PEG summit 2010! Attana's will present drug conjugate data using the Attana Cell 200 – the first system to permit real-time kinetic analysis of molecular interactions directly on cell surfaces, bringing drug development a step closer to the body. Interested in characterization and analysis of molecules in crude samples? Come see the Attana 200 system LIVE during PEGS! For those interested in seeing first hand what our technology can offer, we are arranging demonstrations of the Attana 200 system at our reference lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology during the conference. Contact us directly if you would like to join us or visit our booth #205 where you also will be able to enjoy an exquisite cup of our coffee! About PEGS The Protein Engineering Summit ( is the largest forum focused entirely on protein engineering science and is attended by over 1000 delegates! We hope you will be able to meet us in Boston! Sincerely, The Attana PEGS team +46 8 674 5701


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Teodor Aastrup

Chief Executive Officer Chief Executive Officer

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