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PEGS 2010 with Attana!

We are happy to have met so many industry people during the Protein Engineering Summit 2010 in Boston last week, and if you were there but didn't get the chance to taste our exquisite espresso you are welcome to stop by our booth during our upcoming events!

At PEGS this year we presented our latest system, The Attana Cell 200, and we are very pleased with its reception on the market. The system is the bridge between traditional biosensors and cell based assays and performs kinetics on cells.

Furthermore, we would like to announce our live demos of The Attana 200 system held at Massachusetts Institute of Technology to have been a success since so many of you participated! The system is the dual channel biosensor launched last year with crude sample analysis as its specialty.

The positive response that we received from experienced biosensor users was related to our new software in particular - designed with the user in mind!


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